eProductivity Weekly Tip: March 26, 2010   

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Weekly Tip: Customizing your Project Types and Action Contexts (Part 2)

Following up on last week's Part 1, we're going to explore creating a truly customized set of eProductivity types and contexts that match how you choose to work. Are you ready to get started?

In eProductivity, your Project Types and Action Contexts appear in the left-hand navigator. What's great is that the navigator is highly customizable, so that the types and contexts options that appear can be suited just for your needs.

Note that only certain editions of eProductivity are entitled to use custom Project Types and Action Contexts.

Creating Customized Project Types and Action Contexts
One cool feature of eProductivity is that it allows you to define your own custom Project Types and Action Contexts. To get started with this, go into the eProductivity preferences and look for the Projects & Actions > Contexts section, as shown below.

Create custom contexts of your own choice

This week, we're moving on to Section 2 - Define custom contexts.

You can define your own custom Project Types and Actions Contexts, with just a couple of parameters. One, you need your custom options to follow the proper syntax (take a look at the screenshot above). Secondly, there is a limitation for some mobile devices on the number of contexts they can sync, so keep that in mind.

Beyond those parameters, define whatever you'd like. Enjoy! We recommend defining as many as you need, and only as many as you need.

Once you're happy with your selection, click the "Update Context List" button, and then save and close the eProductivity preferences. You will then need to close and reopen your mail file for the changes to take effect. Your eProductivity navigator be updated with your chosen list of project types and action contexts.

Until Next Week...
This week's tip helps you customize eProductivity's options so that you have control over how the software matches your needs.

Part 3 is about sorting options for your new custom "buckets", so stay tuned!