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Drowing inboxIn the fast pace of today's business world, we are pressed to do more with less, to track more things and, well, get things done. Unfortunately, it's easy to get overwhelmed, miss something, and have things fall through the cracks. When that happens, you lose control and perspective and this can have a draining impact on your personal productivity, causing unpleasant ripples in your personal and professional life.

The solution is to hold the world back once a week so that you can do a thorough review of everything that you have (or should have) attention on. David Allen calls this, the weekly review. By completing a thorough review, you will feel a greater sense of control and perspective throughout the week and when you do it consistently it will transform the way you get things done.

Woman with arms raisedMany Lotus Notes users have told us that they have trouble doing a consistent thorough weekly review. That's why we created the eProductivity Weekly Review Coach. Based on David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology, the eProductivity Weekly Review Coach was created to make it easy to get your review done and help you regain control and perspective of your projects and actions.

quotemarksThe neatest thing about the Weekly Review Coach is that it gives you access to all the relevant stuff you should be reviewing when you want to review it. It’s one thing to tell yourself, “I should probably back off and look at all the things I’m committed to in terms of projects.” It’s quite another to say, “Okay, walk me through this and show me all of my projects and actions by context.” The eProductivity Weekly Review Coach does just that. I love it!quotemark

- David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

Seamlessly integrated into Lotus Notes, the Weekly Review Coach helps you move from a weakly review to a Weekly Review. You'll regain control and perspective, and get things done!

How the Weekly Review Coach works:

Weekly Review Coach steps

The Weekly Review Coach guides you through the steps of doing a complete review; it will also keep track of your progress. Tips will be displayed at the top of the screen while your information will be displayed in the center.

The Weekly Review Coach will present you with a list of steps to complete and helpful information along the way. The indicator at the top of the screen will track your progress. To stop at anytime, simply click away. You may return to the weekly review at any time and pick up where you left off, or you may clear all steps and start over using the button at the bottom of the navigator. Once you have completed your weekly review, click the "Finish" button to close the window.

The Weekly Review Coach

Note: The eProductivity Weekly Review Coach is just a tool, and as with any tool, the better you understand the principles behind its use, the better it will work for you. Two helpful tools you may wish to have on hand are David Allen's book, Getting Things Done and his Audio CD Series, GTD Weekly Review. Both of these are available in the David Allen Store.

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