eProductivity Tutorial

The eProductivity Tutorial is a great way to learn about the core features that you will use inside of eProductivity. It's a hands-on interactive guide that walks you through the software. Using the tutorial will give you a fast start with eProductivity and help you get more done right away.

The Tutorial comes as a separate Lotus Notes app that you can use and then toss when you're done. Download below.

For: IBM Notes 8.5.x or 9.x

Trouble downloading? Try clicking the button and selecting "Save" (accept the default download destination). If that doesn't work, contact us.

Let us know if you need an extended trial key.

Snapshot of what you'll find inside the tutorial:

An example of the eProductivity Tutorial, giving you a guided tour of eProductivity

Click for larger image

Note: This tutorial is included in the eProductivity Stand-alone product; however, you are welcome to download the tutorial if you want a quick refresher.

Tutorial Installation Instructions:

1. Save the eProductivityTutorial.nsf file

Your browser may automatically save the Tutorial file to your computer.
If it doesn't, select to save the file.

eProductivity Tutorial

2. Move the Tutorial file to a safe location

A recommended location is your Lotus Notes > Data folder.

*If you don't know where your Notes Data folder is, see here for instructions on how to locate it.

Tutorial Save As

3. Open the file and follow the prompts

Installing the Tutorial is simple: just double-click the file to open it. The file will open up inside of Lotus Notes. Follow the prompts to complete the setup.

Tutorial Welcome

You may receive 'Execution Security Alerts' during setup. This is normal.

Depending on how your system is configured, you may receive multiple 'Execution Security Alerts' during the setup process. This is a normal. If you receive any alerts, be sure to select "Start trusting the signer to execute this action" to continue.

Execution Security Alert Example

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