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David Allen, author of Getting Things Done and Notes power user

I use eProductivity and Lotus Notes to manage all of my projects and actions. They're indispensable to the way I get things done. eProductivity is the ultimate GTD implementation tool for Lotus Notes.

Brent Whitfield, President, DCG

It's 5:55 PM and for the first time in years, I'm going home and my inbox is empty! I've processed everything and I'm confident it's all processed in a way that won't get dropped or forgotten.

Scott Peterson, President, Harbor Group

eProductivity has had a huge impact on my productivity. It allows me to focus on the items that are a priority, while not worrying about forgetting other action items I need to complete later. It's a powerful tool that has reduced my stress and helped my company be more productive.

The team at ICA has done an excellent job listening to their clients, and they appear to have a strong foundation and direction. We've been using eProductivity since early 2004 and in that time, it's had a strong impact on our company and employees. With almost 100 people at our company using eProductivity; it would be hard to imagine working without it.

eProductivity has allowed me to manage the expectations of my clients, ensure I follow-up in a timely manner, and deliver the results they need. My job would be more difficult without eProductivity and I wouldn't have developed the same level of trust with my clients without it. eProductivity allows me to focus on my big rocks, instead of getting caught up in the details.

Tom Bussa, Partner, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

I've been using eProductivity for about 8 months now and I love it. For me and my extensive use of Lotus Notes, eProductivity has solved the missing technology link I was looking for. It's made it easy for me to apply the principles of GTD to the way I work. I highly recommend eProductivity.

Betty Kumahor, Executive Director, Ernst & Young

I'm flying with eProductivity!

I've struggled working in a Lotus Notes environment, having moved to a company that uses Lotus Notes instead of Outlook - my former comfort zone. The result? – it became difficult to find a GTD list management tool that integrated well with Lotus Notes (which is where the majority of my work comes at me), and yet didn't repel me. I've finally found it in eProductivity!

It's clear that a large amount of work has gone into eProductivity because any tool this intuitive has years of intensive design and re-design behind it. I've even abandoned Outlook on my home computer and cut out all other list management tools. eProductivity is it. I now have my entire universe of projects and next actions in eProductivity - my trusted system.

This transition has been so great for me that, for the first time, I find myself being able to completely trust that I can dive in and out of the runway when I need to. So much so, that I am spending much more time in other horizons of focus figuring out what my longer term goals are and spinning off more projects and next actions to meet those goals. I've never been so focused and directed. So not only does eProductivity easily save me at least 30 minutes to 1 hour every day, it keeps me speeding on the runway and leaping off into flight!

Alan Noble, Manager, Global Surge Capacity Network, World Vision

eProductivity has greatly enhanced my management of time, projects, actions, and information within Lotus Notes and I find eProductivity to be a highly intuitive and engaging Lotus Notes application that enhances the work I do.

The value I receive from using eProductivity is significant as it enables me to be more effective, timely, and responsive to my work demands. I'm highly satisfied and even continue to learn more of the advantages of eProductivity on a regular basis as I use it daily. Working with eProductivity and the team at ICA has helped me to be more responsive and effective in supporting World Vision projects around the world as we provide staff to emergency response situations often in the news. My usage of Lotus Notes and eProductivity enables me to track projects and tasks in a way that keeps me on target as I support my clients doing work in difficult environments worldwide.

Karl Born, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Global Business Services

I'm relatively new to IBM, having joined just over two years ago, and I was a long-time user of Outlook and David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology and add-in. As you can probably imagine, I didn't look forward to losing my "Getting Things Done" tools and, for my first year as a Lotus Notes user, I was very frustrated and not fully productive. eProductivity has made me a Lotus Notes fan.

I discovered eProductivity on a lark and I've been using it for over a year. After a trial period, I personally purchased the software for over $300. I would have paid significantly more because I knew it would pay for itself in a short time by increasing my personal productivity and reducing my personal stress. I receive as many as 200 different email or assignments a day, and my email box right now has fewer than 10 at the end of a week. I know what I have to do and when I have to do it. People are always amazed when they see my empty inbox and my ordered "Today" list.

The software does exactly what I expect of it, and I know I'm much more effective as a result. Also, for a small company, eProductivity has provided me exceptional support. My learning curve was short and the eProductivity team answered my questions promptly (often within minutes). My experience using eProductivity for IBM Lotus Notes has been a positive and productive one and highly recommend the software to anyone that wants to 'get things done' with Notes.

Ed Brill, Director, Lotus Software, IBM Software Group

Eric Mack's eProductivity application is a powerful tool to help Lotus Notes users become more effective and efficient. David Allen's GTD methodology and Lotus Notes are natural companions, and now, eProductivity brings the two together in a way that makes both become more valuable.

I recommend that Lotus Notes customers consider eProductivity to take their use of Notes to the next level, and GTD enthusiasts to consider eProductivity and Lotus Notes as the best way to get more things done.

Rob Peters, Principal Leader - Banking, Computer Sciences Corporation

I've been passionate about David Allen's GTD methodology for the last 8 years and it's contributed to my success in the management consulting and IT Managed Services industry. Recently I joined Computer Sciences Corporation, which uses Lotus Notes.

As a former user of Microsoft Outlook, getting used to Lotus Notes was not easy and my productivity took a big hit. Fortunately I found eProductivity, which embeds the GTD workflow process with Notes. I've never seen an application that so completely encompasses the GTD methodology while coaching you in stress-free productivity. I had some questions about getting set up with eProductivity, and the eProductivity team at all levels of their organization came to my assistance to answer my questions, show me how to get started and ensure I was delighted with the application.

If you're a GTDer or just an executive or professional using Lotus Notes and are looking to take your performance to the next level with less stress, you must take a serious look at eProductivity. I believe you'll see an immediate return investment. But more importantly you'll accomplish more in your professional and personal life.

Chris Blatnick, Interface Matters

eProductivity delivers on a promise that many software products fail miserably at. That is, it gets the interface out of the way so that you can get work done. Not only does eProductivity faithfully adhere to the major tenants of David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology, but it does so in a very unobtrusive manner.

The functionality of eProductivity is delivered as logical extensions of the typical tasks a user performs within the context of their work in Lotus Notes. Because the eProductivity functions are so closely integrated into the standard look and feel of the Notes mail template, there is little cognitive overhead for the user in learning the new system. Creating new tasks, defining next actions, creating projects...all of these events are quite intuitive in the eProductivity system.

Since the user can get to these functions in the context of their regular work, they immediately become more productive, as their flow state is not interrupted. From a user experience standpoint, eProductivity offers no flashy functionality or complicated routines and that's the beauty of the system. It is simple and easy to use, which is the hallmark of good software design.

If you are a practitioner of GTD and a Lotus Notes user or you just want to be more productive, I can highly recommend the eProductivity system. eProductivity is THE GTD solution for Lotus Notes.

For those that want to greatly improve their performance, I highly recommend eProductivity.

Gianluca Morbidelli, IBM

I started using the GTD method a long time ago, I think it was 4 years. But one of the major difficulties was dedicating time to the Weekly Review.

For the first time after this long, beautiful trip I have a great "supporter" to complete this very important step, as suggested by the GTD method. The supporter is eProductivity. Finally, I've completed my first Weekly Review!

So no more words...thanks eProductivity!

Matt Corman, Project Executive, IBM

I've been using eProductivity for a year and have found that the structure and built-in methodology have allowed me to focus on completing tasks instead of trying to manage across multiple tools.

eProductivity has done a great job of incorporating the GTD philosophy into Lotus Notes, creating an intuitive product that is extremely easy to use. By far, the ability to create, link and manage actions on the fly is my favorite feature and one I utilize on 90% of the emails I send.

If you understand the GTD philosophy, you'll wonder where eProductivity has been, and even if you don't you'll be amazed at the reclaimed time.

Michael Cheatham, Associate Partner, IBM Global Business Services

How did you learn about eProductivity?
Before joining IBM, I used MS Outlook as my email and calendaring system. I read David Allen's book, Getting Things Done, and while searching for more information on the topic, I found a Getting Things Done (GTD) plugin for Outlook.

The GTD plugin helped me to manage my in-box and greatly increased my productivity. The GTD Plugin for Outlook was not that comprehensive, however, so I also used another plugin from Franklin Covey called "PlanPlus" to manage the other aspects of my email and calendar not covered by the GTD plugin.

Once I joined IBM, I found out that the email and calendaring system used was Lotus Notes, so I did a web search for a GTD plugin for LN. Instead I found eProductivity, which offered much more functionality that the Outlook GTD plugin, and so I ordered the application.

I started with a trial of the stand-alone version, but by the end of the trial I was convinced that the tool would provide a lot of value, and I ordered the full integrated version of eProductivity.

What problem or pain you were trying to solve by using eProductivity?

My problem was that I received 50 to 100 emails per day, some of them important and some of them not. Of those that are important, some I can act on immediately, some I need information from others, and for some, I have to schedule time to action them.

In regular Lotus Notes, the most I could do was set up rules to action certain emails as they came in, but that was not sufficient for me to stay on top of everything that needed to get done.

How long have you used eProductivity and how did it work for you?

I have now been using eProductivity for almost three years. When I first installed eProductivity, I had approximately 700 emails in my in-box.

Through using eProductivity and setting up some rules in Lotus Notes, I was able to get this down to literally zero. I now rarely have more than 6-10 emails in my in-box, and I am almost always able to end the day with none.

. . . this is not just a matter of deleting all my emails as the come in: I am also able to uncover what needs to be worked on immediately, and I am able to schedule (with reminders) work that is necessary but cannot be completed when the email comes in. I am also able to view, in a simple and intuitive way, all of the actions I need to take and the individuals that I waiting to provide me with information.

What were your favorite features?

My favorite feature is the ability to copy an email into an action and delete the email or move it to another folder. For emails that contain all of the information I need in the email itself, I delete them and copy them into an action with a reminder date. If I need more information, eProductivity allows me to format the action in a way that it organizes all of the information I am waiting for under the individual's name. I can also copy the email into a meeting invite or an appointment if I need to schedule it for a later time.

What impact did eProductivity have for you?

With eProductivity, I feel that I am always on top of my emails, actions, requests for information, and calendar. As mentioned above, my in-box is almost always at zero, while at the same time I know I have every required action covered that was initiated by an email.

It allows me to feel like I am in control of my time.

*The views and opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

Jeff Davis, Sr. Vice President & General Manager, a US Company

I've been an eProductivity user and devotee since the initial beta test.  It's really the best solution out there for anyone serious about integrating their GTD workflow directly into their daily Lotus Notes environment information stream.  The features and integration are rich and tightly woven, allowing for a minimum of additional effort to convert emails into next actions and projects.  The experience and interface is highly customizable, allowing you to define your own contexts and view preferences.  I have become addicted to the "Today" flag which highlights your most critical next actions that have to get completed Today!

Ian Marson, Consultant Genealogist, Linklines Research

eProductivity has revolutionized the way I work and has enabled me to implement GTD methodology in a highly efficient way. Working as a genealogist and historical researcher I spend much time on the road and I have to know what I need to be doing for my clients wherever I am. I can spend my time working in the system rather than working on a system because the ICA team has designed a tool which adheres to the principles of GTD yet is flexible enough to be adapted to an individual's needs. I also collect huge amounts of reference data and it was always a problem knowing how to keep all my stuff readily accessible and searchable in one place. The Reference database is an excellent tool for this.

I can highly recommend Lotus Notes with eProductivity as the tool for getting things done.

Sven Semmler, a European Company

More or less by accident I got turned on to eProductivity shortly before a new career path within my company showed its effects. Now I get between 50-60 actionable emails per day (just checked). I am far from perfect and need to work hard on my working style to make sure nothing bad happens and that I am not completely remote controlled. However, without eProductivity/GTD I would be toast already. Thanks for this product, not a day passes where I don't think to myself, "How would I have handled this without eProductivity & Blackberry?

Tony Painter, Area Field Services Manager, ASG East

I have to say that handling 200-250 emails a day and having a reliable way of searching that info would not be possible without eProductivity!

JP Ligett, JP Ligett & Associates

eProductivity is a great time saver. It's combination of the GTD methodology with the power of Notes takes the email inbox to a higher level. It's a great system and I've been very happy with it too. I won't go back to a plain inbox ever.

Arthur Vanderbilt

eProductivity is the best thing I've ever tried as far as GTD software goes, as close to a holy grail as it gets. I would recommend it to anyone who uses Lotus Notes or is really serious about having the best tools.

Ben Erickson, Dependable Computer Guys

I have been using eProductivity for about 2 1/2 years now. My boss turned me on to GTD a couple of years before that, and I have tried over those years to implement GTD in various ways. The best way I have found that works for me is eProductivity. It integrates into my Lotus Notes client where I get all my work done. As emails and requests for service come in, I can quickly decide if I want to do it, delegated it, or defer it. Anything coming into the inbox can be quickly dragged into a next action (which can be then easily linked into a project), filed into a folder for reference, or forwarded to a responsible party for follow-up. After sending the email, there's an option to automatically create a "waiting for" action so someone ELSE doesn't drop the ball and come back to haunt me. I seldom leave the office with anything else but an empty inbox anymore and it's a very freeing feeling!

One of my favorite features of eProductivity is the Weekly Review Coach. It enables me to efficiently flow through all the different stages of the weekly review to- prompting and enabling me at each step to clear my head and get all my ideas and nagging concerns into my trusted system.

This has helped me tremendously in my personal life, my business, my education, and in my ministry. So many of us wear so many hats nowadays, and it's hard to keep all of the balls we're juggling up in the air. eProductivity is my GTD trusted system that allows me to have a relaxed disposition and be focused where I am when I'm there, knowing I have everything I need to do in there and not in my head. Thanks, eProductivity!

John Gresham, Knoxville Utilities Board

All is going well and the application is already helping me organize my busy day. The application does save me a bit of time each day but more importantly, it really assists me in keeping a wide range of diverse projects organized and on track. The simple interface really makes it easy to input the next steps and the today view presents my daily tasks in a form that is very intuitive to the GTD methods.

Kevin Bowe, IBM

I would just like to take a moment to say that the eProductivity support team is a true pleasure to work with. Everyone is prompt, patient, efficient, and very knowledgeable...Thank you.

Mark J. Tinsley, Project Director for a Medical Provider

I work for a large health care provider in the United States. I have a nursing and hospital administration background. My work now involves directing multiple projects, most having to do with electronic medical records.

The vast majority of both inputs and outputs in my work life now happens through email. For my organization, that has been through Lotus Notes for the past 15 years or so.

I spend 75% of my time work time in front of a computer and around 40% of that time in Lotus Notes.

I have tried many other methods to manage and track tasks and projects: paper based tools, on-line tools, stand alone applications. I'm nearly old enough to have some memories of clay tablets. All of those other systems required the work of getting the direct request / information either into the 'trusted system' from Lotus Notes or from the system into Lotus Notes. Not a trivial amount of work.

When I found eProductivity I thought for sure there must be some catch: I wouldn't be allowed to use it or it would be too hard for a nontechnical person even if I was allowed to use it, etc. Fortunately, none of that has turned out to be true.

Installation was simple (yes, you have to follow the directions) and the interface and work flow is intuitive. I do not have to 'switch gears' to move from 'trusted system' to work application. When I have had issues (and yes, most of them are user related) the service has been fast, accurate and not once have they said, 'told you so'.

I have received a significant boost in my productivity. I can easily move through my inbox and chew through my action list grouped either by context or by project (or both). I find the ability to customize the application a real plus. It's hard to find a favorite feature but the one that comes to mind is the ease of creating the 'waiting for' action from a sent email. The simple fact that I don't have to try to remember who owes me what is worth the price of admission right there. Many of my co-workers ask me why my Lotus Notes screen looks different or 'how the heck did you do that?'. It's fun to show the system off and everyone quickly sees the advantages it would bring.

Some years ago I discovered GTD. I would characterize myself as a partial devotee, only because most of my work happens with the same tools available so the contextual basis of GTD is not as important to me. I think it is important to point out that having knowledge or being a disciple of GTD is NOT required to find eProductivity invaluable.

Mark Schmidt, IT Manager, Patent Attorney firm, Australia

I've used your product for over a year, and honestly believe it saved me countless hours of wasted time (due to ineffectiveness) and from a number of embarrassing moments (where my Manager needed an instant update).

GTD has changed my life by removing much of the stress I was crushed by, but your product gave me the tools I needed to implement it quickly... eProductivity is almost a "Turn-key" solution--drop it in and follow the process! Yes, I fell off the GTD wagon a number of times, but it was easy to pick up where I left off: clean up the lists and head forward at full speed!

Many thanks Eric and the eProductivity. Team!

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