System Requirements

Minimum system requirements:
  • Windows: Lotus Notes R6.x, R7.x, R8.x, R8.5.x, Notes 9.x or higher
  • Mac: Lotus Notes R7.03 or higher
  • Linux: Lotus Notes R7.03 or higher
  • Sametime (optional): any version supported by the Notes client

IMPORTANT: When self-installing eProductivity Integrated, you must have Manager or Designer access to your mail file. Otherwise, you will need to request assistance from your Lotus Notes administrator. Use the following link to learn how to verify your ACL: How to verify your Access Control Level (ACL) in Notes Mail

System Performance - eProductivity Integrated

Users will experience significant speed improvements when smaller mail files are accessed locally; however, eProductivity will work with mail files of any size, on a local computer or a remote server. We encourage users to make use of the Lotus Notes archiving and eProductivity Reference to move nonactionable information out of the mail file. This will help reduce the mail file size and speed up performance.

We also encourage use of the latest versions of eProductivity as the software is continuously being optimized to improve performance. As with any Lotus Notes application, overall performance will depend on many factors, including the speed of the computer, size and number of documents in the mail file and whether or not the mail file is local or remote.

Support for environment dependent characters (unicode)

eProductivity will not work with certain environment dependent characters. At this time, certain Chinese or Cyrillic character sets are known not to work. We encourage you to evaluate eProductivity at no charge by downloading a eProductivity Standalone and contacting us to request a trial activation key. This key will allow you to validate that eProductivity will work for you. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Support for Lotus Domino, POP3, and IMAP

eProductivity will work with a connection to a Lotus Domino Server, a POP3 server, or both. The IMAP protocol is not supported at this time.

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