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eProductivityReferenceDBIcon.jpgeProductivity Reference is the free companion app to eProductivity.

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One of the most powerful personal productivity tools at your disposal, use the eProductivity Reference is to store and organize information digitally. Don't let sticky note chaos or a paper logjam overwhelm your productivity! Let the eProductivity Reference assist you in creating clear space.

What's more, it's easy to use. First, create some entries and assign them to new or existing categories. Click 'Refresh Navigator' - or close and reopen eProductivity Reference - to see the categories appear in the left-hand navigator. You may now drag and drop entries between categories to reclassify them. It's that easy!

Quick tour of eProductivity Reference:

the eProductivity Reference homepage

Use 20091021- ReferenceButtonNewEntry.png to quickly create a new entry and assign it to a category.

Click 20091021- ReferenceButtonNewChecklist.png to create an entry in the "Checklists" category in one easy step.

Click 20091021- ReferenceButtonNewQuickReference.png to create an entry in the "Quick Reference" category in one easy step (These entries may be retrieved from within eProductivity using the Quick Paste feature).

Click 20091021- ReferenceButtonJournalEntry.png to access a running notepad that includes time-stamps to keep your entries in order.

The 20091021- ReferenceButtonHorizonsofFocus.png is used in conjunction with eProductivity and the eProductivity Weekly Review Coach to aid you with big-picture thinking.

Organize and view entries 20091021- ReferenceButtonByEntryDate.png or 20091021- ReferenceButtonByCategory.png.

Click 20091021- ReferenceButtonByCategoryExpandList.png to expand your view of the categories. (See example below)

20091021- ReferenceByCategoryList.png

You may drag and drop entries between categories to reclassify them

Check for Uncategorized Entries

To help you build a 'Trusted' reference system, eProductivity Reference will alert you if you have entries that have not been assigned to a category.

The next time that you open eProductivity Reference, you'll receive a notice that you have uncategorized documents. If you already have categories defined, you may reclassify these entries by dragging them to the desired category. Otherwise, you may edit them and type in new categories of your choosing.

This feature is enabled by default, however, you may change this behavior in the eProductivity Preferences.

Integrate with eProductivity Mail

With the Reference Database and your eProductivity Mail, you can easily file non-actionable reference material from your email inbox. Simply drag and drop non-actionable material from email into eProductivity Reference using a link on eProductivity Mail's left-hand navigator. Learn More

You can also use the eProductivity Quick Capture and Quick Paste features to collect and reuse frequently needed reference material.

Sample Documents at Configuration or Upgrade

We have provided a few sample documents to help you get started using eProductivity Reference. These will be automatically created when you first configure or upgrade eProductivity Reference.

the eProductivity Reference homepage

These entries are automatically assigned to the "Welcome" category. After you have read them, you may delete them, but we suggest that you keep them for future reference.

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