Information Overwhelm, Managed.

Information overwhelmeProductivity, an app for IBM Notes®, provides you with the tools you need to most effectively manage the flood of email and other "stuff" coming at you every day.

Busy professionals often feel overwhelmed with the volume of work-related information they have to process and manage. Emails, memos, voicemail, text messages, and more.

Making sense of everything quickly and effectively is essential.

1. Spend Less Time Processing.

Many emails are just poorly formatted tasks. To get emails out of your inbox - and off your mind - eProductivity makes it easy to turn emails into tasks, capturing the actions you need to take.

Drag email left to create a Project or Action; drag email right to link to an existing Project or Action or file it in a folder

"It's 5:55 PM and for the first time in years, I'm going home and my inbox is empty!"

Brent Whitfield
President, DCG

"eProductivity allows me to focus on the big rocks instead of getting caught up in the details."

Scott Peterson
President, Harbor Group

2. Keep Focused on What's Important.

Built on the 'advanced common sense' ideas of GTD®, eProductivity provides a daily dashboard to help you stay on track with your critical projects and tasks.

A daily dashboard to help you stay on track with your critical projects and tasks

3. Make Optimal Choices...and Reduce Your Stress.

A projects and actions list, a built-in review process, and other tools make it easier to see the big picture of your commitments. Then, you can best choose how to spend your time and energy.

When you have a clear sense on what you're choosing - and not choosing - to do, you'll feel better about your work.

Review Projects and Actions by context and choose what to do (or not do) at any moment

"I know what I have to do and when I have to do it. People are always amazed when they see my empty inbox and my ordered "Today" list."

Karl Born
Senior Managing Consultant, IBM

Choose Your Product Family and Get Started.

eProductivity is available in two product families: Stand-alone and Integrated.

eProductivity Stand-alone

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Installed locally only
  • Does not change the configuration of your Notes mailbox.

Free to use, paid editions available.

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eProductivity Integrated

  • Allows syncing to qualified mobile devices
  • Integrates with your Notes calendar
  • Replaces your existing Notes mail template and replicates with server

21-day free trial, paid editions available.

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