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Agendas Ease the Headache of Remembering
  By Ryan Heathers

cross-eyed girl Ever sat down for a conversation with someone and suddenly you can't remember what you wanted to discuss? Not a lot of fun. In fact, this can be pretty stressful and unproductive as you desperately try to remember.

Equally bad is when you walk away from a meeting and get the nagging feeling that you forgot to discuss something important.

So next time, rather than enduring this kind of unnecessary headache and stress, do yourself a favor: write down your topics ahead of time. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel and at how much more efficient meetings are when you can march down a list of topics, confident that everything needing discussion is on that list.

So here's some pointers I've found about creating and maintaining these kinds of agendas.

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Working Smart: “Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes” Podcast
  By Staff

Podcast icon Are you ready to get expert tips on working smart with Lotus Notes?

The Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes podcast is now well underway with 9 published episodes. Each episode is rich with insider tips and tricks as host Eric Mack and special guest David Allen bring their combined 30 years of Lotus Notes experience to bear.

In the latest episode, listen as Eric and David discuss what they'd like to do to improve their own productivity systems and what tools they'd like to start using - or see invented!

To ensure that you don't miss an episode, you can subscribe to the RSS feed using iTunes or another feed reader such as Google Reader. For more details and a list of all the episodes, go here:
eProductivity is Listed on the Notes AppStore
  By Staff

Notes AppStore logo The Notes AppStore, a Lotus community effort spearheaded by Frank Paolino, is seeking to bring exposure to great Lotus Notes and Domino apps. Many of these apps are unknown outside the companies that use them, so the AppStore fulfills an important role by bringing them together in one place. Once in the AppStore, Lotus users and admins can browse the selection of apps and learn more details.

eProductivity is listed on the AppStore, and if you can take a few minutes and write a review on eProductivity, we'd really appreciate it! We use your feedback to make eProductivity better.

P.S. If you're an IBMer, we'd also appreciate your review of eProductivity on the Greenhouse catalog. So far it has a perfect 5 of 5 stars rating!
Tips & Tricks: How to Choose What to Work on Next
  By Staff

Weekly Tip preview Let's talk theory. Let's suppose you're actively using the Today View together with a Mini Daily Review to organize the items you want to work on next. 

How do you choose what items make it onto your Today list? And once you've created your Today list, how to do you choose the single most important thing to work on now

There are 4 criteria that guide those decisions. Let's dive into what those criteria are.

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Do You Use Lotus Notes 6, 7, or 8? Join the Beta Program
  By Staff

We're looking for beta testers for the new 1.92 version of eProductivity. This is the latest version of the 1.x family (designed for users of older versions of Notes) and includes many new features and enhancements such as a streamlined Projects & Actions view, a categorized Completed view, and an Import Email tool for stand-alone users.

If you use one of these versions of Lotus Notes and are interested in trying the new version, please send an email to for more details.
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