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Where are the Black Holes in Your System?
  By Ryan Heathers

black hole in space Where are the places in your productivity system that semi-processed items collect, never to be heard from again?

The things that end up in these places are the items you sorta-kinda-maybe know need to go somewhere, but you're not certain exactly where. More importantly, you don't feel like taking the time on the front-end to actually decide.

I call these places "black holes" because similar to black holes in space, items get sucked into them and never re-appear. For many folks, the biggest black hole is the email inbox.

In my system, a big black hole used to be the "Read/Review" context. When I came across denser materials such as meeting notes or lengthy articles needing my attention, they'd end up in this context vortex. That's fine on the surface, but the problem was, I wasn't really certain I was committed to reading these items. Many of them were better suited in a Someday/Maybe entry or in an email folder for reference. Or even just deleted outright.

I should have kept a hard edge on my Read/Review context by reserving it only for actions I was committing to myself to get done. Because I didn't do that, it ballooned into something unmanageable.

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Meet eProductivity Creator, Eric Mack, in Washington DC
  By Staff

DCLUG logo Eric is a recognized expert on high-performance knowledge work and specializes in organizations that use Lotus Software. If you'll be in the Washington, DC area between November 15-20, you'll have two prime opportunities to hear Eric speak.

On Wednesday, November 17, Eric will present to the DCLUG (DC Lotus User Group). Details here.

KMWorld logo The next day at KMWorld, the annual conference on knowledge management, Eric will moderate and present on a panel discussion titled "Future Focused Formulas for Enterprise KM Success". He will be joined by Art Murray, CEO of Applied Knowledge Sciences, Inc., and's VP of Business Development, Karen Appleton. This session will take place on Thursday, November 18.

Both sessions offer you the opportunity to gain from Eric's expertise on knowledge management as well as personal and corporate productivity.

Photo: Eric at KMWorld 2009
How to GTD on Your BlackBerry
  By Ryan Heathers

BlackBerry Torch 9800 While there are many third-party productivity applications for the BlackBerry, knowing the right techniques can help you get great value from your BlackBerry out the box. If this appeals to you, the official GTD & BlackBerry Setup Guide is a great place to start.

The David Allen Company, maker of the guide, describes it as “GTD tips, tricks, and practices for making your BlackBerry rock for GTD”. The guide contains 45 pages of expert advice on how to get the most from the built-in features of your BlackBerry, with no need to purchase additional apps.

The cost is $10, and a free sample is available.

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Tips & Tricks: Prune Your Mailbox for Faster Performance
  By Staff

Weekly Tip preview Pruning your Lotus Notes mailbox is a good idea because a mailbox bloated with many outdated items is usually a slow mailbox. You can avoid this performance hit to your Lotus Notes (and consequently, eProductivity) with some simple maintenance steps.

Step 1. Delete or Archive Unneeded Email Attachments
Email attachments, like those pictures of the cute puppy dog or the LOLcat circulating through your office email, can take up a lot of space. So it's a good idea to periodically go through your 'All Documents' view and delete or archive all the unneeded attachments.

An easy way to find the largest attachments is by sorting on the 'Size' column.

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PCWorld Mentions eProductivity
  By Staff

PC World logo eProductivity was mentioned in a recent PCWorld article. In the article, productivity expert David Allen cites five tools that he personally uses.

Naturally, he listed eProductivity and he also gave nods toward ActiveWords and MindManager.

See what he had to say: Work Smarter in Windows: 55 Great Productivity Tricks
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