IBM Lotus Notes: it doesn’t have to be this hard

Notes was supposed be the best productivity tool for your office, but somewhere along the way it turned on you. Sometimes it feels like you’re spending more time on Notes than you are getting things done with Notes.

We've found a way to make Notes work for you. It's called eProductivity, and it does incredible things.

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How eProductivity works

It's an IBM Notes app that sits on top of Notes. You still use all the power of Notes (you know, the reason your company went with it in the first place), but dressed up for real people to use.

It's all built on David Allen’s Getting Things Done philosophy: your mind is a great place for creating ideas, but not for keeping track of them. eProductivity lets you quickly convert ideas to tasks, line up those tasks, and get them done.


Real people. Real results.

IBM Notes users around the globe have found a better way to get more done in Notes. You can too.

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 Inbox zero, at last

Immediately turn emails into tasks, projects, or calendar events. Many people find eProductivity shaves about half an hour off the time they spend in Notes every day.

Drag email left to create a Project or Action; drag email right to link to an existing Project or Action or file it in a folder

 Doing made easy

See at a single glance all your tasks and projects needing attention today. You’ll spend less time organizing your tasks in Notes and more time checking them off.

The Today View provides a daily dashboard to help you stay on track with your critical projects and tasks

 Nothing falling through the cracks

eProductivity's innovative Weekly Review Coach™ provides an exceptionally easy way to review everything that's on your plate and make sure it's being tracked and accomplished. Your brain will thank you.

The Weekly Review Coach. The Weekly Review is the secret sauce of GTD

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We’re so sure you’ll love the low-stress, high-output eProductivity life that we’ll let you take it for a spin on us. Go ahead. See how it feels to know exactly what needs to happen, when it needs to happen, what you need to do . . . and when you can just relax.

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