eProductivity Mobile Integration

"Mobile Integration" is an umbrella term that includes features we have built into eProductivity to support mobile workers across a variety of mobile devices that can sync email folders and tasks with Lotus Notes, including Apple iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry, and Android.

Historically, this has meant our "Mobile Processing Folder" capability. With eProductivity version 3.x we added the new "Mobile Today View" and "Watched Folders" capability.

Here's a quick overview of the key mobile integration features of eProductivity. At the bottom of this page are links to additional setup resources.

Mobile Today View
  • When enabled, it causes eProductivity to treat the "priority" flag in a Task/Project/Action as if it were the "Today" Flag.
  • To see items you have flagged "Today" in eProductivity on your mobile, go to your mobile Task application and view your high priority items.
  • To add or remove an item from the eProductivity Today view while on your mobile device, simply flag it as "High" or "Medium" priority on the mobile device.
  • You can enable this feature in the "Views\Today" tab of the eProductivity Preferences.

Mobile Folder Processing
  • Once enabled, it will create a folder for each of your Project types and Action contexts.
  • Once these folders sync with your mobile device (either using IBM Lotus Traveler for iPhone/Android or a BlackBerry Server) you can file emails into them on the mobile device.
  • The Mobile Folder Processing Agent will process the emails in these "Mobile Processing Folders" and create the appropriate Projects or Actions for you and link the emails. Once processed, the emails will be placed in a "Processed" folder for your review, deletion, or filing/archiving.
  • You can enable this feature in the "Integration\Mobile" tab of the eProductivity Preferences.

Watched folders
  • Once enabled, this feature will watch for emails in specified folders and notify you when you launch eProductivity. This way, you will not lose track of anything you file in a temporary folder on your mobile device. You will also be notified if there are misfiled messages in a mobile processing folder.
  • You can enable this feature in the "Integration\Mobile" tab of the eProductivity Preferences.


The above features will work with any mobile device (iPhone/iPad/Android, BlackBerry, etc) that meets the following criteria:
1. Must have the ability to sync email and email folders to Lotus Notes (e.g. IBM Traveler Server or BlackBerry Server)
2. Must have a task application that will sync tasks between the mobile device and IBM Lotus Notes Tasks (e.g. IBM Traveler Tasks or BlackBerry Tasks)

Before you can use any of the above features, you must first have a mobile device that is properly configured to sync email, email folders and tasks with Lotus Notes.

Remember: The syncing between your mobile device and Lotus Notes is handled by your server, not by eProductivity which sits on top of IBM Lotus Notes. Contact your Lotus Notes Administrator for details

How to set up and use the eProductivity Mobile Integration

Click here for instructions on how to get started with the eProductivity Mobile Integration

Additional Resources for IBM Traveler Task App for iOS and Android

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler To Do App By IBM Lotus (iTunes App Store)
FAQ: Lotus Notes Traveler Frequently Asked Questions
Using Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2

Troubleshooting the IBM Traveler Tasks App for Apple iOS/Android

Some eProductivity users have reported that linked Projects and Actions were not syncing to their Apple or Android device when using the IBM Traveler Tasks application. The symptom is that Actions seem to sync fine but linked Projects do not.

For additional information, see this tech note:
Troubleshooting the IBM Traveler Tasks App

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