Mobile Syncing with Lotus Notes and eProductivity

Many mobile devices can sync email, calendar and contact information with Lotus Notes, including iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Palm/Nokia.

How does Syncing work?

Synchronization between Lotus Notes and your mobile device is handled outside of eProductivity, using your company's wireless sync server. e.g. Lotus Traveler Server for Apple & Android or Blackberry Enterprise server. This way, your email, calendar and contacts will always be current on your mobile device. (Ask your Lotus Notes administrator for details)

What do I need to go mobile with eProductivity?

Yes, two. First, you must be able to sync your mobile device with your Lotus Notes mail. Second, you must install eProductivity in 'Integrated' mode. Lotus Notes does not support synching to a standalone mail file. Both the 'Premier' and 'Ultimate' Editions of eProductivity can be used in 'Integrated' mode.

Will my Projects and Actions Sync to my mobile device?

eProductivity provides Project and Action forms to help you capture and organize your outcomes and the steps to get there. Underneath it all, we use the standard Lotus Notes To Do form and fields. This way, third party applications and mobile devices will see the projects and actions as Lotus Notes To Do's and sync them to the mobile device. You can view your Projects and Actions on your mobile device using the native task application provided by your device manufacturer. You can further enhance how your tasks work on your mobile device with one of many excellent "helper" task apps for the BlackBerry and iPhone/iPad/Android available in their respective app stores. At this time eProductivity does not provide or require any device specific software, but stay tuned as this is an area we are exploring.

Will eProductivity give me any additional capability when I am mobile?

Yes. eProductivity supports Mobile Integration, which includes a powerful feature called 'Mobile Folder Processing'. Process your inbox and effortlessly create Projects, Actions, Waiting For's and more. Simply file emails into special folders and eProductivity will do the rest. There's no software to install on your mobile device! Everything happens inside of eProductivity. No more double processing of email on your mobile device only to have to process it again when you get back to the office. Process it once and get "In" to empty.

Will it work with my iPhone/iPad?

At this time, Apple iPhone and iPad devices do not support native task management. Because of this limitation, while iPhone and iPad users may be able to sync email and calendar data to/from eProductivity, they will not be able to sync their project and action data. That said, there are some clever software developers that have come up with tasks 'apps' for iPhone/iPad that can sync with Lotus Notes. A few apps that we know of include Itana, Notes F1 To Do, and NotesBook to name a few.

Will it work with my Android phone?

The situation for Android is similar to that of the iPad/iPhone. Like the Apple products, Android does not have native tasks at the time of this writing. However, there are several tasks apps for Android and some of these work with Lotus Notes.

How can I be sure it will work for me?

eProductivity respects the standard Lotus Notes fields for email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. If currently are able to wirelessly sync your mobile device to Lotus Notes, then you should be able to sync to eProductivity Integrated. You can always ask your Lotus Notes administrator if you can use wireless sync between Lotus Notes and your smartphone.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. For this reason, we encourage you to download and test eProductivity before you buy. If you have a specific question, feel free to contact us.

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