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We've Been Changing Things Around Here...
Information overwhelm, managed If you've visited the eProductivity website sometime in the last two weeks, you've undoubtedly noticed that things are markedly different. The new products, new website and more are the result of much hard work by the eProductivity team, inspired by the feedback and input of our loyal users - you! We hope you like the improvements as much as we do.

Let's take a look at what's new and explore what this all means.
New Product Family: eProductivity Stand-alone
During the customer satisfaction survey that we ran this past December - January, a few interesting pieces of data emerged:
  1. Many users would appreciate an eProductivity app that doesn't change the configuration of the regular Lotus Notes mailbox
  2. The eProductivity install process could be easier for new users
  3. A free version would be helpful for introducing coworkers to eProductivity's benefits
This was confirmation of plans for a new product that we'd been considering for a quite a while. That new product is now here, and it's called eProductivity Stand-alone. So what's so great about Stand-alone?

Separate from your Lotus Notes mailbox
eProductivity Stand-alone app icon, separate from the Lotus Notes mailbox Stand-alone doesn't change the configuration of your Lotus Notes mailbox. Instead, it runs as an separate app inside your Lotus Notes, in parallel with your mailbox.

So Stand-alone provides a great solution for folks who hesitated to install eProductivity on their Notes mailbox, perhaps because their company uses a customized mail template or because changing the mailbox is restricted by IT policies. Now those folks can use eProductivity without worry.

Dead simple to install
Stand-alone is incredibly easy to install. Quite literally, all you have to do is download the eProductivity Stand-alone file and then double-click it to open. That's it. You'll be prompted to walk through a couple of setup steps, but the app is already installed. This kind of dead-simple install is unheard of for a Lotus Notes app.

There's a free version!
That's right, eProductivity now offers a completely free version, no strings attached. The free version, called the Essentials Edition, is part of the eProductivity Stand-alone product family. It offers many of the same world-class information management tools that other eProductivity editions provide.

So how do you get started with the Essentials Edition? It's easy. When you first download and install eProductivity Stand-alone, your app will run in fully-unlocked Trial mode. After the trial period, your software will automatically switch over to the free Essentials Edition and stay there, unless and until you apply a purchased activation key. So if you're content with the Essentials Edition, you can keep on using it as long as you like, completely free.

What are the main limitations of Essentials, you ask? Primarily, it's that you're limited to 25 Next Actions open at any one time. (If you're not familiar with Next Actions, they're what you use to capture tasks inside of your eProductivity app). If you use the Essentials Edition and run into the 25 Next Action limit, you can either complete or delete some actions to free up space, or you can purchase a paid edition. Most paid editions include unlimited Next Actions.

There's more...
These are just the highlights of Stand-alone. Perhaps in a future newsletter or blog post, we'll explore some of the additional benefits such as how using Stand-alone saves space on your mail quotas...
Renamed: eProductivity Integrated
The original eProductivity app is now called eProductivity Integrated to distinguish it from Stand-alone. Because it runs on top of the Lotus Notes mailbox, it provides additional powerful features such as syncing to qualified mobile devices and an integrated calendar. So if these features are important to you, we suggest checking out the Integrated product.
Lower Prices on New Subscriptions
To make it even easier to get started with eProductivity, the subscription prices have been reduced on all eProductivity editions, and annual subscriptions are available as well. See the new pricing
A New Website
More than just a fresh coat of paint, the eProductivity website has been renovated from top to bottom, and more changes are on the way.

The new eProductivity website, information overwhelm, managed

We've added a new Resource Center that brings together our rich library of resources that help you get the most from your eProductivity software. The Download Center provides a convenient way to access the various download option while the Support Center makes it easy to find answers and request help. If you have coworkers that you could use some help with information overload, send them over to the Overview for a quick summary on how they can benefit from using eProductivity.

We think the new website provides a friendlier, simpler way to experience and enjoy what eProductivity has to offer. We hope that will be your experience too!
Tips & Tricks: Tracking Your Success with Completed Items
Weekly Tip preview It can be inspiring to take a high-level look at your accomplishments and realize that you're really getting things done. An easy way to do this is with the Completed View. 

Today we're going to take a quick tour of the new Completed View, and see how this helps you get a clearer picture of what you are - and are not - getting done...

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