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Note to Subscribers: Maintenance and Support is automatically included in your subscription fee, so there is no need to buy anything.


All eProductivity perpetual licenses come with 1 year of maintenance and support. This is referred to as a 'maintenance and support subscription' and it can be optionally renewed for subsequent years.

Maintenance and Support consist of two elements:

Software maintenance: means you're entitled to receive free eProductivity updates as long as your subscription remains current.

Support: means you're entitled to our technical support assistance as long as your subscription is current.

See Maintenance and Support FAQs

Why is keeping current with Maintenance and Support important?

Maintenance is important so that you can continue to receive the latest features and improvements to your eProductivity software.

We have exciting features on the eProductivity drawing board - many of these are inspired by customer feedback and feature requests. Customers with a current subscription will automatically receive these new features as they are released. If your subscription is expired, that's a great reason to renew today!

Support is important because if you run into any technical difficulties, our friendly and responsive technical support team can assist you.

Renew your Maintenance and Support

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