ICA announces the upcoming release of eProductivity for IBM Lotus Foundations

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eProductivity™ for IBM Lotus Foundations - a Winning Combination for Partners to Increase Small Business Productivity and Boost Sales

Lotus Foundations partners are building customer loyalty and winning new Lotus Foundations sales by helping their customers get more from their Lotus Foundations investment and get things done.

LOTUSPHERE, ORLANDO, FL, January 18, 2010
- ICA.COM, Inc, (ICA) today announced the availability of eProductivity version 2.0 for Lotus Foundations.

Based on David Allen's "Getting Things Done®" (GTD®) methodology and seamlessly integrated with IBM Lotus Notes, eProductivity helps value-added resellers increase small business productivity and win new sales by giving their customers control and perspective across their communications, projects, and actions resulting in a savings of up to 60 minutes in lost productivity each day.

"eProductivity 2.0 for Lotus Foundations greatly enhances the Lotus Foundations value proposition with new features for Lotus Notes 8.5.1, such as sidebar widgets, composite applications, increased drag and drop functionality, and a rich web experience" said ICA company president, Eric Mack. "As an IT solution provider, often times the benefit of a Foundations partner's work is that their customers never see their hard work. A successful Foundations partner will often be out of sight and out of mind. eProductivity keeps them on their customer's mind every day."

David Lawrence, President of Smart Technology Enablers, a Lotus Foundations partner, says "Customers get eProductivity, they use it, and you can't take it away from them. As a result, you can't take Lotus Notes away from them."

Small businesses are using eProductivity to reclaim up to 60 minutes each day by reducing the time it takes to capture ideas and commitments, process e-mail and manage information in Lotus Notes - a savings of up to two weeks a year, per employee.

Scott Peterson, President, Harbor Group, said: "eProductivity allows me to focus on the items that are a priority while not worrying about forgetting items I need to complete later. With almost 100 people using eProductivity on a daily basis over the past 4 ½ years, it has had a strong impact on our company. eProductivity allows me to manage expectations of my clients, ensure I follow-up in a timely manner, and deliver the results I promise. I could not have developed the same level of trust with my clients without it."

Robert Thresher, President, Thresher Enterprise Systems Inc., a Lotus Foundations partner, says: "Everyone can benefit from organization, eProductivity helps these users get there, it's just that simple."

With eProductivity, Lotus Foundations Partners are:
  • Increasing the value their customers get from their investment in Foundations.
  • Giving customers a reason to switch from Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes.
  • Driving Foundations sales with a productivity solution that delivers.
  • Increasing customer loyalty by helping them to do their jobs better.
  • Creating passionate Lotus Notes users who love the services they provide.

GTD, Lotus Notes, and Lotus Foundations Together

"ICA made the commitment and took the time to understand the Getting Things Done methodology before they started developing the application. It speaks volumes to the integrity and value of eProductivity that it is the only application I use to manage all of my projects and actions. It's indispensable to the way I get things done. Many of my staff have the same strong feelings about it," stated David Allen, Chairman of the David Allen Company and creator of the GTD methodology.

ICA Company president, Eric Mack, says, "We worked closely with David Allen over the past several years to really understand what it would take to fill a market need among Lotus Notes users who embrace the GTD methodology. We also worked closely with the Lotus team to ensure compatibility and capability that will enhance the new features of Lotus Notes and Lotus Foundations. I'm particularly excited to announce the launch of eProductivity 2.0 and the special eProductivity for IBM Lotus Foundations Edition."

With over five years of development, testing, and use with clients around the world, eProductivity builds upon the native robustness of the Lotus Notes and Foundations platform and provides Lotus Foundations users with an easy to use and manage productivity solution.

About ICA.COM, Inc.

ICA is a professional consulting organization, based in California, USA. Founded in 1982 by Productivity Specialist and Personal Knowledge Management Expert, Eric Mack. The company provides consulting services and software to help its clients improve their productivity, collaboration and knowledge management capability.
ICA is the creator of eProductivity, a GTD implementation solution for Lotus Notes that is both used and recommended by David Allen.

ICA representatives will be in the Lotus Foundations Lab at Lotusphere 2010 and are available for private demonstrations of eProductivity. Call 661.242.8410x105

Ryan Heathers
661.242.8410 x105


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