GTD® and IBM Lotus Notes: together at last.

Notes was supposed be the best productivity tool for your office, but somewhere along the way it turned on you. Sometimes it feels like you’re spending more time on Notes than you are getting things done with Notes.

We've found a way to make Notes work for you. It's called eProductivity, and it does incredible things.

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GTD in IBM Lotus Notes

David Allen personally uses and recommends eProductivity

GTD® creator David Allen has selected eProductivity as his trusted GTD system. In fact, eProductivity has been awarded the distinction of GTD® Enabled, the only app for IBM software to receive this designation.

 I use eProductivity and IBM Notes to manage all of my projects and actions. They're indispensable to the way I get things done.

David Allen
Best-selling author of Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity and creator of GTD®

How eProductivity works

It's an IBM Notes app that sits on top of Notes. You still use all the power of Notes (you know, the reason your company went with it in the first place), but dressed up for real people to use.

But the GTD approach is what really sets it apart. We took all the features of Notes and asked, “What would David Allen do with this?”


 Inbox zero, GTD-style

Immediately turn emails into next actions, projects, or calendar events. Many people find eProductivity shaves about half an hour off the time they spend in Notes every day.

Drag email left to create a Project or Action; drag email right to link to an existing Project or Action or file it in a folder

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 Doing made easy

See at a single glance all your actions and projects needing attention today. You’ll spend less time organizing your tasks in Notes and more time checking them off.

The Today View provides a daily dashboard to help you stay on track with your critical projects and tasks

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 Real weekly reviews, at last

Struggling with weekly reviews? eProductivity's Weekly Review Coach™ is the secret sauce you've been missing. It helps you stay current on your commitments and make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks.

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Get started with eProductivity: the best way to GTD in Notes

David Allen said it himself: this tool makes IBM Notes work the way we do. It’s intuitive. It’s easy to learn. It’s effective.

Discover it for yourself now.

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