What eProductivity can do for you:

Complaints about Lotus Notes are commonplace. Workers are often overwhelmed with the amount of information coming at them every day. This info contains many projects and actions, but Notes does not make it easy to keep track of these.

As a result, many Notes users are unable to . . .

  • Ever empty their inbox
  • Have peace of mind that they're not forgetting to do something
  • Keep a clear view of their commitments

In contrast, eProductivity gives Notes users the tools and training needed to easily . . .

  • Empty their inbox as often as needed
  • Maintain a clear view of everything that requires their attention, no matter how often it changes
  • Know what's most important to do in the moment

Here's what Eric Mack, the creator of eProductivity, has to say about what he's built:

"I've used Lotus Notes for over 20 years, and I'm very familiar with its problems. I created eProductivity as a way to solve many of those problems and give myself confidence that I'm doing what I need to do, when I need to do it."

David Allen, author of the international bestseller Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, was also extensively involved in the design of eProductivity. Mr. Allen opens his book with this sentence:

"It's possible for a person to have an overwhelming number of things to do and still function productively with a clear head and a positive sense of relaxed control."
Thousands of stressed-out Notes users around the world have experienced this with eProductivity.

How does eProductivity work?


eProductivity acts like a "skin" that sits on top of Notes Mail to transform email and to-do's with productivity-enhancing features. In tech-speak, it's a template that's applied to your IBM Lotus Notes Mail file.

Here's how eProductivity transforms Lotus Notes Mail:

 Helps organize your Notes To-Do's
eProductivity comes pre-loaded with categories for tasks. These categories correspond to where tasks can be done: for example, "At Office," "At Computer," "At Phone," etc.
When tasks are organized into contexts this way, it's much easier to look at your contexts and see what you can do where you are, rather than sifting through your entire to-do list to find what you can do now.

Click for larger image: All of your actions are organized by context, so you can quickly see what you can do where you are

 Facilitates quick and confident email processing
Most emails are just poorly-formatted tasks. eProductivity makes it quick and easy to turn emails into action items on your list.
As you can see below, eProductivity shows your to-do lists and email in one view. To create a to-do from an email, all you have to do is drag the email onto the list.

Drag email left to create a Project or Action; drag email right to link to an existing Project or Action or file it in a folder

Click for larger image: eProductivity helps you quickly and confidently process your email into actions and reference

 Helps you keep you focused on what you've decided is important
eProductivity's "Today view" helps you see, at a glance, all your tasks and projects needing attention today. You’ll spend less time organizing your tasks in Notes and more time checking them off.

Something needs to get today? One click marks it with the "Today" flag and it goes on your Today view.
That thing isn't important today anymore? One click removes the "Today" flag, leaving room for your new priorities.

The Today View provides a daily dashboard to help you stay on track with your critical projects and tasks

Click for larger image: The Today view helps you organize what you've decided is important to accomplish today

 Helps you keep on track with Weekly Reviews
eProductivity's built-in Weekly Review Coach takes you through a comprehensive and logical review of your papers, email, calendar, projects, and actions to help you make sure nothing falls through the cracks. It also includes our Mindsweep Coach to help you get everything off your mind – even stuff you didn't know was there.

Click for larger image: eProductivity gives you the power of the Weekly Review with a built-in, interactive coach

Choose the right eProductivity for you and start your free 21-day trial

eProductivity is available in two product families: Stand-alone and Integrated. They have different ways of interacting with IBM Notes, so choose the one that best fits your situation.

eProductivity Stand-alone 

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Does not change the configuration of your Notes mailbox
  • Locally installed only; does not replicate with a server
Choose Stand-alone

eProductivity Integrated 

  • Allows syncing to qualified mobile devices
  • Integrates with your Notes mail and calendar
  • Replaces your Notes mail template and replicates with server
Choose Integrated

Not sure yet what to choose? Learn more about the differences between Stand-alone and Integrated

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