iconTask Management
Take advantage of eProductivity's powerful project and next action tools to get things done.

iconEase of Use
eProductivity uses drag-and-drop for quickly creating tasks, turning emails into projects, and more. Fast and easy!

iconDaily Dashboard
The smart Today View keeps you on track for what's important today.

iconThe Big Picture
All your projects and next actions are arranged on appropriate lists so you can see everything needing your attention.

The built-in Lotus Notes' full-text indexed search helps you find what you need, fast.

iconKeyboard Shortcuts
Move around quickly using shortcuts. For advanced keyboard control, eProductivity integrates with ActiveWords.

iconCapture Ideas, Fast
eProductivity integrates with GyroQ, a powerful capture tool that works even when Lotus Notes isn't running.

iconLink Everything Together
Link together emails, projects, next actions, contacts, and more. Everything is in one place, so you don't have to hunt around!

iconWeekly Review Coach™
The 'secret sauce' that helps you stay current on your commitments and make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks.

iconMindsweep Coach™
Sweep your mind and make sure that subconscious 'stuff' isn't stressing you out.

iconMobile Syncing*
Sync your eProductivity tasks, calendar entries, emails, and more to qualified mobile devices.

iconIntegrated Calendar*
eProductivity gets inside your Lotus Notes calendar and helps you schedule and track your time-based commitments.

iconeProductivity Reference
The free companion app that helps you store and track all kinds of non-actionable reference items.

* = eProductivity Integrated feature only. Learn more

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