eProductivity Weekly Tips: November 23-27, 2009   

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Weekly Tip: Improve productivity by creating better Project and Action descriptions

A question we frequently hear in our webinars is, "Do you have any tips for creating great Project and Action descriptions?"

We do have tips, courtesy of David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology.

    Two keys to creating great descriptions:
  • Use a crisp action verb to start the description
  • Write your verb in the past tense

Let's use these keys to create a New Action description inside of eProductivity.
Use Crisp Verbs:
A crisp verb helps to clarify what is needed to move the action forward. Boring descriptions lull you into inaction, so don't use them.
Use a crisp verb to start your description

Trigger List:
To help you pick a great verb, eProductivity provides a handy trigger list of action verbs next to the description field.

We'll use the "Draft" verb for this demonstration.
The eProductivity trigger list can provide you with inspiration
Word your description in the past tense:
So why should you word your descriptions in in the past tense? Simple. When you word it that way, you irritate your mind. My new action description says, "Drafted proposal", but I haven't done it yet! Very irritating.

And mental irritation is a good thing, because it will prod you to get that proposal done. Then your mind can rest at ease. Whew!

Word your description in the past tense

There you go, a couple of keys to improving your Project and Action descriptions, and giving your productivity a boost.

Another eProductivity tip coming your way next week!