eProductivity Weekly Tips: November 9-13, 2009   

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Weekly Tip: Save time when creating Waiting For items from Sent Email
Quite often, when you send out an email, you need the recipient to give you a response. To track this, GTD best practices suggest creating a new "Waiting For" item. That way, you're reminded that you need a response and don't have to use your brain to remember.

With eProductivity, you can automatically create a linked Waiting For action item after sending an email. By linked, it means you have the Waiting For item and the triggering email stored in one single place for easy viewing. Automatically creating the Waiting For is a very handy feature and saves you a lot of clicking.

When you're drafting a new email, here's how to accomplish this:

Step 1: Display Additional Mail Options

In Notes 8.x:
Step 1: Activate linking options

In Notes 6.x and 7.x:
Step 1: Activate linking options

Step 2:
Step 2: Choose to create action after sending email
Step 2.5
Send off your email. :)

Step 3:
Step 3: Select Waiting For as the action context

Step 4:
Step 4: Verify that your sent email is now linked

There you go! It's that simple. Now you can create "Waiting For" items with ease. Stay tuned for another tip next week.