eProductivity Weekly Tip: March 31, 2011   

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Weekly Tip: How to Search

Lotus Notes provides an extended search feature that is available in most Notes applications. This offers a convenient way to search, including inside of eProductivity. This tip will show how to access and use the search view so that next time, you can find that email or document more quickly.
Accessing and Using the Search View
Select a Lotus Notes or eProductivity view that you want to search inside. In this example, we'll select the eProductivity 'Email' view. Then, go to Lotus Notes' View menu and select 'Search This View'.

Open up the Search View box

A search box will appear at the top of your view. From here, it's straightforward. Just enter your desired search term into the box...

Enter your search query

...and then click the 'Search' button to retrieve your search results.

Search results

You can click the 'Clear Results' button to return to the regular view when desired.
Searching in eProductivity
eProductivity allows you to search inside the following views:
  • Today View
  • Projects and Actions
  • Actions by Context
  • Actions by Entity (If enabled)
In Lotus Notes, 'embedded views' are not searchable. As a result, the extended search capability is not available in every view.
Until Next Week...
So there you have an easy way to search in Notes. More tips coming up.

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