eProductivity Weekly Tip: March 11, 2011   

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Weekly Tip: Save Time with Conference Details

For people who frequently set up conference calls and virtual meetings, Lotus Notes and eProductivity provide a way to streamline adding call details to your calendar entries. In this tip, we'll take a quick look at how to do this and save time when creating new entries.
Setting Up Conference Details in the Lotus Notes Preferences
The Lotus Notes preferences can be accessed from inside of eProductivity's Email view. If you're using eProductivity 2.x., then click on the More > Preferences option as shown. (For eProductivity 1.x., click on the Tools > Preferences option).

Accessing the Lotus Notes preferences

In the window that appears, navigate to the Calendar & To Do > Conferencing tab. From there, enter your regular conference call details - this will come in handy for fast creation of calendar entries.

Conference details preferences

Using Your Pre-set Conference Details
Once you've set conference details in your Lotus Notes preferences, let's see how you can use this to save time.

Go into your eProductivity calendar and choose to create a new meeting. We'll suppose that this meeting will be a conference call that uses your regular details. As such, click the 'Insert Details' button on the action bar...

Inserting details into a meeting

eProductivity takes the conference details entered in your preferences and adds them to the appropriate spots in your new calendar entry.

Conference call details have been added

It's that easy, and much better than having to regularly type in the details!
Until Next Week...
There you have it: a simple way to save time when setting up conference calls on your calendar. More coming up...

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you!