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Weekly Tip: Get Easy Access to Your Notes Apps through the Workspace

If you're like us, you have many applications that you use inside of Lotus Notes. Besides eProductivity and eProductivity Reference, we have all kinds of infrastructure applications such as support databases, pricing calculators, a CRM system, and more. Your environment may be similar.

The Lotus Notes Workspace provides a great access point to your applications. If you're not yet using it, this tip will show you how to access the Workspace and also set it as your Notes homepage.
Accessing the Notes Workspace
While there are a number of ways to get to the Workspace, an easy way is through the Lotus Notes bookmark bar. This bar provides bookmark access to many different locations inside of Notes.

To access the Workspace, left click on the 'Applications' bookmark (called 'Databases' in older versions of Notes)...

Lotus Notes bookmark bar

Then, choose the Workspace option.

Selecting to open the Workspace

You'll be taken to your Workspace, which contains icons for all the various applications in your Lotus Notes. Explore around, and see what you find!

Workspace example

Opening the Bookmark Bar
If your bookmark bar isn't appearing and so you can't access the Workspace as we showed above, you'll need to tell Notes to open the bookmark bar. To do so, go to the View menu and select 'Dock the Open List'.

Opening the Notes bookmark bar

Setting the Workspace as Your Homepage
For fast access to your Lotus Notes applications, it can be a good idea to set the Workspace as your Notes homepage. That way when you open Notes, you'll be taken directly to the Workspace.

To do so, go to the Applications > Workspace menu option again, only this time right-click the Workspace option. On the menu that appears, select 'Set Bookmark as Home Page'.

Setting the Workspace as your Notes home page

That's all there is to it!
Until Next Week...
Using the Lotus Notes Workspace, especially as your home page, can be a fast and easy way to navigate around your Lotus Notes environment and find the things you need. Stay tuned for another tip coming next week.

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you!