eProductivity Weekly Tip: December 11, 2009   

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Weekly Tip: Customize where your email folders appear

In eProductivity, your email folders appear on the right side of your inbox by default. That's why our golden rule of processing email is, "drag left to create a project or action, drag right to file".

However, for people using small computer screens, having folders on the right can be tough as it uses up screen real-estate. In the latest version of eProductivity, v1.83, we've enabled you to put email folders back on the left if you prefer it that way.

You do have v1.83, right? Because this tip requires 1.83 to work.

Folders normally appear on the Right:
This is how the default folder arrangement looks. Let's change this around.

Email folders appear on the right by default

Change your eProductivity Preferences:
To move the folders to the left-hand side and save some screen real-estate, all you need to do is to make one simple change to your preference options, as follows.

(Note: eProductivity Preferences can be found by clicking the big eProductivity button in your software)

The preference option we care about is found under Navigation >> Main Navigator. Once you've selected the "Folders" checkbox as shown below, save and close your preferences.

Finally, to see the changes, close your mail file completely and then reopen it.

Make one change to your eProductivity preferences

Folders now appear on the Left (Main Navigator):
Your email folders now appear on the left. You can drag-and-drop emails into them just like you could before. Note that your folders still appear on the right as well.

Folders now appear on the left as well
Finally, collapse the right-hand folders:
To complete this space-saving tip, collapse the right-hand folders by clicking the triangle button. Now your folders appear on the left, and are present - but hidden - on the right. You now have more horizontal screen space.

Collapse the right-hand folders by clicking the triangle

Customizing eProductivity makes the software fit your style of work, and eProductivity comes with many options that you can configure. More customizing tips coming next week.