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Weekly Tip: How to use Quick Paste

After looking last week at Quick Capture, now we're going to show how Quick Paste completes the picture. Together both features allow you save time when handling repetitious blocks of text, or even rich text or graphics.

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Setting Up Quick Paste
If you followed the steps from last week, there's nothing else to do. Just make sure that in the eProductivity preferences > General > Reference Database tab, you have enabled the Quick Paste buttons to appear in the various eProductivity views. Otherwise you won't be able to use Quick Paste.
Using Quick Paste
When demonstrating Quick Capture, we showed how to save an oft-used block of text such as a company address. The address was captured from an email and saved in a Quick Reference entry inside eProductivity Reference.

Now let's say that once more, a customer asks you to send your company address via email. This time, rather than typing out the whole address, you'll use Quick Paste. So first prepare your email...

Prior to Quick Paste

Then click the Quick Paste button on the action bar. A pop-up box appears and from it, you can choose anything you've entered into the Quick Reference section. Note that if you have more than one eProductivity Reference linked, you can toggle between them.

Quick Paste popup box

Once you've made your selection (in this case, the address), click Ok to paste in the info.

After using Quick Paste

And there you have it. You easily pasted in the address into the desired location. The more times you're able to use Quick Capture / Quick Paste for these kinds of tasks, the more time you'll save.
Another Use Case
Keep in mind, too, that you can store all kinds of graphics and rich text in eProductivity Reference for use with Quick Paste. Need to give someone directions to Lotus' development headquarters? Easy, and you can include a map as well. Just have everything saved in Quick Reference and then Quick Paste it in as needed...

Using Quick Paste with a graphic

Lots of other use cases exist - exercise your imagination!

Bonus: Another video from Paul Gardner, this time demonstrating Quick Paste.
Until Next Week...
We've seen how Quick Capture and Quick Paste work together. More coming up next week!

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you!