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Weekly Tip: Categorize Your Emails to Prioritize Your Attention

A categorized inbox was one of the most popular feature requests for eProductivity, and it's now been added to recent versions of eProductivity. Using the Inbox Style tool, you can customize how email and calendar information are displayed in the inbox.

This tool lets you choose between various styles that sort your emails into categories such as High Importance, Calendar Invites, and "everything else". The goal is to help you more easily prioritize what needs your attention.

In this tip, we'll show you how to get started with this feature.
Categorized Inbox Example
Here's an example inbox where the high importance emails have been separated from the regular emails.

Categorized Inbox example

As you can see, if you receive many emails with high importance marks that need to get acted on quickly, this inbox style can help you prioritize your attention.

Other styles can separate out your calendar invites as well, so consider those options if you get many time-sensitive calender invites.

A word of caution, though. Using a categorized inbox style could lead you to stop processing your regular emails as consistently because the less urgent items don't scream as loudly. Processing and dealing with all emails on the front-end is important to get the most benefit from eProductivity as your trusted system.
Requirements for Using the Inbox Style Feature
To use this feature, you need to be running either:
a) eProductivity 1.89 or higher
b) A recent version of the eProductivity 2.x pre-release (intended for users of Notes 8.51 or higher)

You can download the latest versions of eProductivity here: www.eproductivity.com/download

Second, you need to be using either the Premier or Professional edition of eProductivity.
Customizing Your Inbox Style
This feature is located inside the eProductivity Preferences > General > Email tab.

Pick Inbox Style button

Once you click the Pick Inbox Style button, eProductivity will present a list of available inbox styles. This may take a few moments.

After a short while, a box will pop up that presents you with a number of different style options to choose from.

Options ending in "Red" will use red text for unread email marks. The other options use the Notes 8 bold black style for unread marks.

The options for your Inbox Style

Following the prompts to complete the inbox customization process.

Confirm that you want to continue

Restart eProductivity for the changes to take effect

The changes you've made will take effect the next time you open eProductivity.
Until Next Week...
This tip demonstrated how to get started with using the various inbox styles that eProductivity offers. Test them out and see what works best for you.

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you!