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Weekly Tip: Get Ideas Out of Your Head and into Your System, Fast

Need a way to capture thoughts and tasks and get them into your 'trusted system' quickly? GyroQ could be just the ticket.

GyroQ is a quick capture tool made by Gyronix, and they've made a special version for eProductivity. With just a couple of keystrokes, you can capture ideas, tasks, and more into your eProductivity system, even when Lotus Notes isn't running!

In this tip, we'll show you a little bit of how GyroQ can benefit your eProductivity system and how to get started with it.
Quickly Capturing Ideas and Tasks
Once installed, GyroQ will run in the background on your computer. To use it, you need to simply press a keyboard shortcut - the default is Ctrl-Q.

Once you press the keyboard shortcut, GyroQ displays a small capture window. In this window, you can easily enter any idea or task that has come to mind...

Quick capture items with GyroQ

After pressing Enter (or clicking "Add"), your new item is included in a queue of items ready to be imported into eProductivity.

When you open eProductivity the next time, your GyroQ items will be automatically imported by default (you can customize this behavior in the eProductivity preferences). eProductivity will tell you that you have new Uncategorized Items to process.

Notice of uncategorized items

Your new items are in eProductivity's Uncategorized View, ready for you to assign to the proper context. You can click "Yes" to process them now, or wait until later.

From the Uncategorized View, you can drag-and-drop the items to a context to reclassify them. Or you can double-click the items to manually edit and reclassify them.

Uncategorized Items view

Capture Ideas and Tasks Using Preset Contexts
You can assign your items to a context straight from the GyroQ capture window, avoiding the need to reclassify them in the Uncategorized View. Instead when you import these items, they will show up automatically in the desired context .e.g. At Office.

To do this, you use a GyroQ Tag, which is just a keyboard shortcut that you type in the capture window. For instance, let's say our Tag for the At Office context is "AO".

Before we type in our new task, we'll press "AO" + spacebar on the keyboard first. We can see GyroQ now knows where to file this item....

Quick capture with a context

It will now be imported into our eProductivity system as an 'At Office' item. This is a big time-saver!
How To Get Started with GyroQ
To get the integration with eProductivity, you need to install a special version of GyroQ that you can only get from the eProductivity preferences.

1. Go to the eProductivity Preferences and locate the Integration > GyroQ tab.
2. Follow the instructions listed there for downloading and installing the special GyroQ version.

You will then begin a free trial of GyroQ. Please note that GyroQ is a third-party tool that is not included with eProductivity, and it requires a paid license to continue using past your free trial expiration.

To purchase a license and for more details, you can go to www.Gyronix.com.
Until Next Week...
This tip showed a brief demo on how GyroQ can save you time and keystrokes when capturing new ideas and tasks into your system.

For more information on GyroQ, including instructions on how to setup custom GyroQ Tags, see this article.

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you!