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Weekly Tip: 2 Quick Ways to Link New Actions to Existing Projects

Linking items together such as projects and next actions is one of the most powerful features of eProductivity. It provides a way to see a project and all related items in one place so that you have everything you need to get the job done. Items available to be linked in eProductivity include projects, actions, contacts, emails, and calendar entries.

This week we're going to look at two ways to link new actions to existing projects. This is helpful if you know that a few specific actions will be needed to complete your project, beyond just the next action. eProductivity allows you to quickly create and link these additional actions to your existing project. Here's how to do that.
1. Use the "After creating..." menu
Inside the Action form, there is an "After creating" menu available as shown below. This menu is similar to the menu found on the Additional Mail Options bar inside the Email form.

Note that the "After creating" menu is only available for new, unsaved actions. Once the action is saved, the "After creating" menu disappears; however, the similar "Link To" menu then appears.

The After Creating menu available in new actions

So to link a new action to an existing project, follow these steps:
1. Create a new action
2. Select "a link to an existing project" on the "After creating" menu
3. Fill out your new action with the relevant information such as subject line and context
4. Save the action

Once saved, eProductivity will then pop up a box asking which existing project you'd like to link to. Follow the prompts to link the new action. (See this tip for hints on how to quickly locate the desired existing project).

Now, if your "After creating" menu is not showing up, you can enable it by clicking on the chevron button in the upper-right corner of the Action form.

The chevron button enables the 'After Creating' menu
2. Create an Additional Action from inside the existing Project
To use this option for creating a new action linked to an existing project, go inside an existing project. From there, click on the Linked Next Action button.

Linked Next Action button inside projects

When you click this button, a box will pop up if you already have a Linked Next Action assigned to this project . For this example, we're assuming you do have a Linked Next Action and you're just trying to create a new Additional Linked Action (otherwise clicking this button will being the process of creating a next action).

On the box, select the Create Additional Action button. You will then begin the normal process of creating a new action, only it will already be linked to your existing project.

Creating an Additional Linked Action

Until Next Week...
So there you have it - two easy ways to create new actions and link them seamlessly to existing projects.

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you!