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Weekly Tip: How to Link Contacts to Your Projects and Actions

Did you know you can link contacts to your eProductivity projects and actions? If not, this tip is for you.

You might use this feature to keep track of which key people relate to the project you're working on. Or maybe you have an important call this afternoon and you need easy access to the relevant contact information.

Whatever your need may be, here's how to setup and use contact linking.
Enable the Contacts view to appear on the eProductivity Navigator
By default, the Contacts view will not appear on your eProductivity Navigator. So first, if you don't have the Contacts view enabled, you'll need to do so from the eProductivity Preferences.

Go to the Preferences (click on the big eProductivity button on the top action bar), and then locate the Navigation > Main Navigator tab. Click the checkbox next to 'Contacts'.

How to enable the Contacts view

Save and close the Preferences, and then close and re-open eProductivity for the changes to take effect.

Synchronize with your Address Book
Before you start linking contacts, it's a good idea to make sure your Contacts view is up to date with the latest information. To accomplish this, use the 'Synchronize Address Book' option (the location of this option depends on which version of eProductivity you're using, see below). This will sync your Contacts view with your personal Lotus Notes address book.

If you're using eProductivity for Notes 8.51:

Use the Synchronize Address Book button to sync your Contacts view

If you're using eProductivity for Notes 6,7 or 8:

Use the Actions > Synchronize Address Book option to sync your Contacts view

Example: Linking a contact to an Action
For this Tip, we'll use the example of linking a contact to an existing Action, although you can use the same principles to link a contact to a Project.

Let's suppose we have an existing call scheduled with Isaiah Mustafa.

Example Call action item

It could be helpful to have Isaiah's contact info linked to this Action so that when it's time for the call, all the information we need is right there.

So let's go to the Calls view, select our Action, and click the "Link to...existing contact" menu item

Clicking the Link To menu and selecting to link an existing contact

We'll select Isaiah's contact record in the box that pops up...

Select the desired contact from the pop-up box

To verify that the contact has indeed been linked, we can go to the Calls view and double-click the Call Isaiah action item. Then, we'll take a look at the Linked Items section...

Verifying that the contact is now linked

We can double-click Isaiah's newly-linked contact to enter his full contact record and see any other revelant information that we have there.

Please note that you need eProductivity version 1.89 or higher to see the phone number listed in the Linked Items section, as shown in the example above. Download the latest eProductivity version
Until Next Week...
Now you know how to link contacts to your projects and actions. So go ahead, try it out, and see how this feature can benefit you!

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you.