eProductivity Weekly Tip: July 30, 2010   

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Weekly Tip: Why Does 'Not Categorized' Appear in Some eProductivity Views?

Depending on how your eProductivity software is set up, you may notice 'Not Categorized' messages in some of your eProductivity views. If you've wondered about these messages, here's a simple explanation for why they appear and how to make them go away.
The cause
eProductivity comes with powerful Categorized and Advanced modes. These modes help you to better organize your eProductivity projects and actions, and they also allow you to create project/subproject hierarchies. This past Weekly Tip explains how these modes work in more detail.

On a granular view-by-view basis, you can choose which eProductivity views should display in Categorized or Advanced mode. For the views running these special modes, if you then use the proper formatting, your projects and actions will look like the examples below (note the extra "levels"):

example of a Categorized View

example of an Advanced View

However, if you don't use the proper formatting, the views using Categorized or Advanced mode will look something like this example:

example of 'Not Categorized' categories

Items listed under 'Not Categorized' are there because they've not been formatted properly for the chosen mode.
The solution
There are two ways to get rid of the 'Not Categorized' messages.

1. Turn off the Categorized or Advanced mode for that eProductivity view and use Basic mode instead
2. Re-write the subject line with the proper formatting for each project or action

Which option you choose is up to you. :)
Until Next Week...
This Tip shows the cause of the 'Not Categorized' messages and the two options you have to get rid of these messages. Now you can clean up your eProductivity views and make them more meaningful to you!

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