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Weekly Tip: Choosing your eProductivity Starting View

Being interrupt-driven is a drag on productivity. Interrupt-driven means that when the phone rings, you always answer it, or when your email chirps that a new message has arrived, you stop everything you're doing to check your mail. That's not productive, that's a recipe for insanity.

Unless your job requires you to always respond to the latest and loudest thing (and some jobs do), being interrupt-driven results in you not getting done what's really important. You might spend the day just answering email and then wonder why none of your projects are being moved forward.

One simple way you can orient yourself away from being interrupt-driven is by choosing a new starting view.
Choosing a starting view
Although this tip is aimed at eProductivity users, the principle applies elsewhere - whatever you put in front of yourself will command your attention and influence your action.

Out of the box, eProductivity's default starting view is the Today View. It's built this way because the Today View helps you to be project-driven, as you'll learn more about below.

However, if you've chosen to go back to the inbox as your starting view, then perhaps this Tip can help you re-think if that choice is helping you to be more productive or not. Changing your starting view away from the inbox can be a simple, but powerful boost in being more project-driven.

A warning, though - it takes real discipline to detach yourself from addictive, interrupting influences like your email inbox...

To change your starting view, go inside your eProductivity preferences and locate the General > Start-up tab. Look for the "Default view at start-up" option.

Choosing an eProductivity starting view

Clicking on the arrow pops up a box that lets you choose a new starting view from among several options.

The starting view options

After choosing a new starting view, save and close the Preferences. Then, close and re-open eProductivity for the changes to take effect.

A recommendation
Out of the starting view options, choosing the 'Today' option is recommended. This causes your eProductivity to display the Today View when you first open up eProductivity. The Today View is your dashboard that gives you an excellent overview of your daily commitments and helps to keep you on track.

In case you missed it, we recently completed a series of Tips on the Today View.

Until Next Week...
Choosing a starting view that encourages you to be project-driven can help you get done what's really important. If this Tip has helped you to be more project-driven, send us a tweet or an email and let us know!

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you.