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Weekly Tip: Enabling the 'Additional Mail Options' Menu Bar

In this Tip, we'll show you how to enable and use the 'Additional Mail Options' menu bar. This menu bar appears when you create a new email and it provides a number of standard Lotus Notes features. eProductivity augments the menu bar with additional time-saving features.
eProductivity Features on the 'Additional Mail Options' menu bar
This menu bar contains standard Lotus Notes features such as high importance flags and return receipts.

Additionally, eProductivity provides a Waiting For checkbox and the powerful "After sending this mail, create..." menu that allows you to easily create projects and actions from sent emails.

The Additional Mail Options Menu Bar
When you select an option from the "After sending this email, create..." menu and then hit 'Send' on your email, your selection will take place.

For example, if you select "...new action" and then send the email, immediately a new Action will pop-up. Even better, the new Action will automatically contain a linked copy of your sent email!

Enabling the 'Additional Mail Options' menu bar
How to enable the menu bar depends on what template version of eProductivity you have.

For the eProductivity for Notes 8.51 and higher, select the 'Additional Mail Options' under the Display menu inside a new email message.

eProductivity for Notes 8.51- enabling the 'Additional Mail Options' menu bar

For the Notes 6, 7, and 8 version of eProductivity, toggle the 'chevron' button in the upper right corner of a new email message.

Older versions of eProductivity - enabling the 'Additional Mail Options' menu bar

That's all you need to do! You can now start using the special eProductivity features.
Until Next Week...
This Tip showed you how to enable the 'Additional Mail Option' menu bar and gave an example of how it can be used. More coming up next week!

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