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Weekly Tip: Key GTD Terms and Definitions

This week we're taking a brief intermission from our series on the eProductivity Today View (Part 1 | Part 2).

Instead, we'd like to present a concise list of key GTD terms that appear inside eProductivity. David Allen's Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology is the foundation on which eProductivity is built. GTD is used everyday by millions of men and women around the world and empowers them to be more productive.

Having a strong grasp on the following GTD terms and concepts will assist you in using eProductivity to your greatest advantage.

Key GTD Terms and Definitions -

Action: a single, physical, visible step to get something done. (e.g. call Fred/draft proposal/wash dog)

Any outcome that requires more than one action step to complete

Sidebar: A key GTD best practice is to have clearly defined options when you are choosing what to do. With eProductivity, we support this by giving you the ability to distinguish between “Next Actions” (your next, physical, visible action steps that are project related or not) and “Actions” (for capturing project related future, sequential, or dependent actions that would follow the Next Actions.)

Context: The locations that work can be done in. Can be geographical (e.g. At Office) or it can be resource-based (e.g. At Phone)

Waiting For: Commitments you are tracking that are dependent on someone or something else

Tickler: A system for tracking date-specific actions in the future

Someday/Maybe: Items that you might want to do in the future, but have no current commitment to complete

Reference: Items that do not require your action, but have value as information to hold on to

Weekly Review: A weekly walk through of your commitments so that everything stays clear and current, freeing you to be creative

The GTD Workflow Diagram
The Workflow Diagram is another building block to working productively. It's worth studying closely:

GTD Workflow diagram

The GTD Workflow diagram is available as a free download from the David Allen Company Store.

Until Next Week...
Hopefully this brief detour into GTD fundamentals will help you be immediately more productive! Next week we'll resume our discussion of the Today View and take a look at how it relates to the follow-up flags in regular Lotus Notes. See you then!

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you.