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Weekly Tip: Prioritizing Your Work with the Today View (part 2)

Struggling with the tyranny of the urgent? As we discussed in last week's tip, the eProductivity Today View keeps you on track with the important things needing to get done.

This week in part 2 of our series, we're diving deeper into how the Today View works.
How items appear on the Today View
The Today View is an advanced (and highly customizable) filter that looks at your various lists and shows you what's important. It does this based on a set of criteria. Here's the criteria:

Chart of criteria for the Today View

Let's break this down a bit further.

First, notice the Basic, Categorized, and Advanced columns. These are referring to the various view modes available in eProductivity. Bottom line: if you want more things to appear on your Today View, set your Today View to either 'Categorized' or 'Advanced' mode inside the eProductivity preferences.

Secondly, notice the items that appear in the various Today View modes. Manually flagging an item (like we showed last week) makes the item always appear on your Today View until you choose to remove it.

On the other hand, other items appear automatically depending on your Today View mode. They are selected on a time criteria based around due dates. For example, let's say you create project with a due date for tomorrow. But tomorrow comes and you don't get the project done. If your Today View is set to 'Categorized' mode, on the following days your Today View will show that past-due project and remind you that it needs to get done.

As you can see, the Today View can remind you of all sorts of different items. This keeps you focused on the critical stuff. But you have control over what appears so that the Today View can be as busy or simple as you see fit.

Bonus Tip: Note that calendar items with "today's" date will always show up on the Today View.

What the various flag colors mean
There are three flag colors that can appear on the Today View: green, red, and white.

The varios flag colors

Green: Anything that is current for today, either based on due date or manually setting the Today flag
Red: Anything overdue
White: Any Tickler or Waiting For item with a due date for "today".

So note that anything current gets a green flag, except for Ticklers and Waiting For items that get their own special white flag.

This color coding system helps you to quickly scan the Today View to get a sense of what's there and how soon it needs to get done.

Until Next Week...
So now you know much more about how the Today View actually "works" behind the scenes. This information will help you properly set up the Today View for your needs and preferences.

Next week, we'll discuss how the flexiblity of the Today View compares to using priority flags. See you then!

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