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Weekly Tip: Mastering the Email Processing Rule of Thumb

This week marks the first time we've written a Tip on eProductivity's innovative right-hand Folder Pane.

One of eProductivity's core features is the right-hand Folder Pane. This special pane makes eProductivity's Email Processing Rule of Thumb possible: "Drag the email left to create a new Project or Action. Drag it right to file in a folder or to link it to an existing Project or Action."

While long-time Notes users may experience a learning curve with the new right-hand location for email folders, it's an effective setup that saves a lot of time in processing your inbox.

Let's explore the right-hand Folder pane.

What's on the right-hand Folder Pane?
There's a couple of items to note about the Folder Pane. First and foremost are the Link To options. Drag an email to one of these options to quickly link the email to an existing Project or Action. This is a very handy way to process emails!

Secondly, the arrow toggles the Folder Pane open and closed. (We'll describe below how to keep the Pane permanently open.)

Exploring the right-hand Folder Pane

Of course, the Folder Pane also contains your traditional Notes email folders which you can use to store emails.

Now let's look at how eProductivity is set up. It presents your email inbox in the center, with the Navigator Pane on the left and the Folder Pane on the right. With this setup, you can use drag-and-drop to rapidly process your inbox. Everything you need is right there with no need to go hunting around menus.

This leads to our Email Processing Rule of Thumb...

Email processing - drag left and right

Keeping the Folder Pane Permanently Open
By selecting a simple preference option (if it's not already turned on), you can easily force the Folder Pane to stay open and not auto-collapse. For fast inbox processing, this can be really helpful.

This option is found in eProductivity Preferences > General > E-Mail, as shown below:

Forcing the Folder Pane to stay open

Please note that selecting this option can be troublesome for your screen space if you're using a small monitor (e.g. a laptop). In general though, the benefits outweigh the loss of screen space.

Until Next Week...
OK, that was a pretty basic tip but mastering this rule of thumb can save you a great deal of time! More coming up next time.

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you.