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Weekly Tip: Create multiple next actions with 'Save and Add Another'

Are you planning a project with multiple steps? Version 1.88 of eProductivity enhances the functionality of the "Save and Add Another" feature. With this feature, you can easily add multiple linked actions to your project.

Example: How to use the Save and Add Another feature
Let's say you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle and also get the proper motorcycle driver's license. To get started, create a new project:

Our new motorcycle project

Once we're satisfied with the project description, click 'Save & Close'.

eProductivity will prompt you for the next action for this project, so go ahead and click 'Create Next Action'. A new linked action will appear.

You need to search for motorcycle classes, so edit the subject line to make it meaningful. This time, to close the action you'll click the 'Save and Add Another' button.

Our first linked next action

eProductivity will pop up another action...

Our additional next action linked to the same project

Notice how your additional action has been linked to the same project. Your friend, Pete, is experienced with motorcycles and said you should give him a call when you get interested in learning how to ride. So call Pete and see what advice he can offer.

To close out this action, hit the 'Save & Close' button. (You'll only create one additional next action for this example, but you could easily create more.)

Now go look at your motorcycle project...

Checking on our new linked actions

Our two linked actions are now listed. The first one is the Next Action (designated by a gold star) and the second action is an Additional Action. The next action is the what's needed to move this project forward, while the additional action is a subsequent step. However, you can easily choose to do both actions simultaneously.

Note: The 'Save & Add Another' button is visible in all action views. If you click it when you're not using it in a "Create project and linked actions" sequence similar to what's described above, the button will just create a new action that's not linked anywhere.
Until Next Week...
There you go, a short and sweet tip that makes it easy to create additional linked actions. See you next week!

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you.