eProductivity Weekly Tip: May 13, 2010   

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Weekly Tip: Create linked Waiting For items with fewer clicks (Part 2)

Last week, we showed a time-saving trick when creating new Waiting For items. Now, we'll show you Feature #2 that silently creates the Waiting For item without you having to do anything, so that it just appears on your lists!

Feature 2. 'Silently' create your Waiting For item
Just like last week, we start with a new email that we're about to send to Steve. The 'Waiting For' box has been checked.

The new Waiting For checkbox

With Feature 2 enabled, eProductivity will silently create the linked Waiting For action and make it automatically show up on your Waiting For list without you having to do anything!

So after hitting 'Send' on our email to Steve, we're immediately returned to the Inbox. No Waiting For item appeared...

...however, we go and check our Waiting For list, and lo and behold we see this:

The new Waiting For has automatically appeared on my list

The new Waiting For item has been automatically created and now appears on our list. If we open it up, we see the same thing as before with Steve's name parsed in and also a default Due Date of 10 days from now (which we can change if desired).

New Waiting For with an automatically added name

Note: For this example, we had both Feature 1 and Feature 2 enabled. You can mix and match enabling these as you see fit. Below you will see how to do this.

How to enable the new Waiting For features
To set this up, go to the eProductivity Preferences (click the big eProductivity button inside the software). Inside the Preferences, access the Projects & Actions > Actions tab, like this:

Version 1.88  - new Waiting For features

Here you can see the new Waiting For features and turn them on or off. When you've made your selections, remember to save and close the Preferences, and then exit and re-open your Notes mail file for the changes to take effect.

Until Next Week...
So now you know two great time-saving shortcuts when creating new Waiting For actions. Just remember, you need eProductivity version 1.88 or higher to get the new features.

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you.