eProductivity Weekly Tip: April 30, 2010   

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Weekly Tip: Clear your mind with the eProductivity Mind Sweep Coach™

Today we're discussing the eProductivity Mind Sweep Coach™ and how it can benefit you in capturing the nagging thoughts that are causing stress to your brain.

Note that only certain editions of eProductivity are entitled to use the Mind Sweep Coach.
Step 1. Locate and use the Mind Sweep Coach
To open up the Coach, go into eProductivity and click on the large "eProductivity" button on the top action bar. On the menu that appears, the Mind Sweep Coach will be close to the top.

Locating the Mind Sweep Coach

The purpose of the Coach is to help you "sweep" your mind clear of any nagging tasks and any other information tugging at you. This process can be very cathartic and relieve your mind of stress, sometimes stress that you're not even aware of!

Here's what the Coach looks like with some items entered into it:

(Click to open larger view in a new window)

Thumbnail of the Mind Sweep Coach

Notice a few aspects of the Coach:
  1. Entering Items: You can enter new items in either the "Captured Items" box or in the "New Item" box .
  2. Trigger Lists: Use the various trigger lists to prompt your thinking process.
  3. Spell Check: If you're anything like us, spell check can be very helpful!
To use the Coach, simply enter anything that is on your mind that is not captured elsewhere in your productivity system. We will process these items in Step 2.
Step 2. Process your captured items
To process your items, go to the Uncategorized View inside of eProductivity.

Locate the Uncategorized View on your eProductivity Navigator

Process your new items inside the Uncategorized View

From the Uncategorized View, you can easily process the new items that you captured from the Mindsweep Coach. Simply drag-and-drop your items onto other eProductivity Contexts (e.g At Calls, At Computer, Waiting For) to reclassify them. If you'd like to further edit your new items - and making sure you have good Projection/Action descriptions IS recommended - just double-click the item.

Bonus Tips:
Until Next Week...
We hope you enjoy the great stress-relieving benefits of the eProductivity Mind Sweep Coach™. It's a very powerful tool!

If you have a tip to share or a topic you'd like to see covered, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you.