eProductivity Weekly Tip: April 16, 2010   

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Weekly Tip: Save time by creating 'Waiting For' actions with a single click

Beginning with version 1.86, eProductivity now puts a very handy Waiting For checkbox inside new email memos. It looks like this:

The new Waiting For checkbox

The cool thing? When you check that box and then send your email, eProductivity will automagically create a new Waiting For action with a pre-populated subject line and a linked copy of your sent email. All that from a single click. This will save you time and headache, especially when you're using this feature over and over again throughout your work day.

Here's our new Waiting For action that eProductivity automagically created (Note: to make it easier to track, "Steve" has been manually edited into the start of the subject line):

A new Waiting For action

Until Next Week...
So there you have it: a simple tip with big results. Enjoy!

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