eProductivity Weekly Tip: April 9, 2010   

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Weekly Tip: Changing default Due Date and Reminder Date timeframes

When you save a new eProductivity Tickler or Waiting For action, a box pops up asking you about timeframes. A Tickler action asks you for a reminder date and a Waiting For action asks you for a due date.

In both cases, they work in similar fashion. Once the date you've chosen arrives (if you choose a date), eProductivity's Today View will remind you and help you to take appropriate action.

The default timeframe is 10 days from the creation date of the new action. As with many things in eProductivity, the default timeframe is customizable, and we're going to show you how.

Customizing the Default Date
To give us some context, here's an example new Waiting For action that has been saved and now the Due Date box has appeared:

A new Waiting For action with a Due Date popup box

As you can see, the default due date is April 19th, which is 10 days from today. You can use the buttons to the right of the date to select a diffferent due date for this action.

If you find that you frequently need a different timeframe than the default 10 days - for instance, maybe 7 days is your common choice - you can change the default and save yourself a lot of clicking when creating actions in the future.

Inside the eProductivity preferences, you will find the following section:

Customizing the default timeframes

Use the two boxes to enter your new default timeframes. You will then need to close and reopen your mail file for the changes to take effect.

NOTE: You may need to configure your Today View to make Waiting For and Tickler items appear.

Until Next Week...
We'll be bringing you another tip next week, so stay tuned for that.

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