eProductivity Weekly Tip: March 5, 2010   

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Weekly Tip: I dragged an email into a project, but where did my file attachment go?

In eProductivity, when you drag-and-drop an email into a new project or action, the text portion of the email is copied into the body of the project or action. However, any attachments that were a part of the original email will not be copied into the body.

So where did the attachment go? The attachment remains inside the 'shadow' email that is now linked to the project or action. It saves disk space when a second copy of the attachment is not included in the body. It also improves system performance.

In this tip, we'll show you a little more about how attachments work in eProductivity and how you can customize this behavior.

How can I find the email (with attachments) that I just dragged-and-dropped?
Easy. Just open the project or action to see the linked email. If a linked email has a file attachment, you'll see the paperclip icon next to it. To open the file attachment, simply double-click on the email to open it and then click on the file attachment you want to open.


Can I change it so the attachment gets automatically saved in the body of the project or action?
Yes, it's easy, but we need to warn you that this will double your disk space usage as you'll now have two copies of the attachment - one in the body and one in the shadow email.

If you'd like to go ahead anyway and change this behavior, "there's a preference option for that". We like customizable software, and from the feedback we get, so do you.

Go inside the eProductivity preferences and look for the following section:

Customize how attachments are stripped
Hopefully that helps you to better understand email attachments inside of eProductivity.

Stay tuned for next week!