eProductivity Weekly Tip: February 12, 2010   

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Weekly Tip: Shortcut Buttons for Optimizing Screen Real Estate

This week's tip will be short and sweet, because it's all about shortcuts.

Building on last week's tip, there are two shortcut buttons that can help you quickly optimize your eProductivity screen real estate. We didn't show these last week because we wanted you to first understand what preference options are affected by the buttons.

Buttons for Optimizing Screen Real Estate
Note: To get to the eProductivity Preferences, click the big "eProductivity" button inside the software and select "Preferences..."

At the top of the Preferences window, you will see these buttons:

Buttons for optimizing screen real estate
Clicking these buttons will affect a number of eProductivity preferences. To learn more about these options, reading last week's tip is recommended.

Here is a list of the preference options (sorted by Preference Section) affected by these buttons:

General > E-Mail
  • Expand Right frame in In-box view
  • Show 'View Unread' action bar button in In-box view
  • Show 'Follow Up' action bar button in In-box view
  • Show CHAT buttons in In-box view
General > Calendar
  • Show Calendar button on all views
  • Show Calendar buttons on:
    • Projects and Actions
    • E-Mail [Memo and Reply]
    • Calendar Entries
Projects & Actions > Other
  • Show 'Project' column in all action views
  • Show 'Assigned To' column in all views
Navigation > Main Navigator
  • Contacts
Navigation > Advanced
  • Shorten action button names to save space
  • Show 'GTD' button on action bar
Weekly Review Coach
  • Wide-screen support enabled

Important: With the exception of "Shorten action button names to save space", clicking Optimize for Small Screen will turn off these options, and clicking Optimize for Large Screen will turn on these options.
Remember to hit Save & Close to save your new settings! You may also need to exit and re-open your mail file for the new changes to take effect.

Thanks for reading! Next week we'll be discussing general Lotus Notes performance optimization, so that's something to look forward to...