eProductivity Weekly Tip: December 04, 2009   

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Weekly Tip: Improve the effectiveness of your Weekly Review

The Weekly Review has been called the glue that holds Getting Things Done (GTD) together. Even if you're not a GTD practioner, a weekly review will really boost your productivity.

Wondering what a weekly review is? See this great summary posted by Kelly Forrister on her Simply GTD blog.

So, the question becomes, are you doing Weakly Reviews or Weekly Reviews? Or are you doing a review at all?

For whatever category you fall in, eProductivity can help.

Give your reviews a boost with the Weekly Review Coach:
The eProductivity Weekly Review Coach walks you through the weekly review process. The framework gives your reviews an immediate boost in effectiveness. Over time, the Coach will help to ingrain the review process into your habits, providing even more benefit.

(Anyone with an eProductivity Premier or Professional license is entitled to use the Coach)

The eProductivity Weekly Review Coach

Accessing the Weekly Review Coach tools:
You can access the Weekly Review Coach (and other important eProductivity functions) by clicking on the eProductivity button inside of your software and selecting the appropriate option.

Access the Weekly Review Coach tools from the eProductivity menu
Track your Weekly Review "Performance" over time:
The Weekly Review Log helps you to track your review history. Evaluate how long the review sections generally take you and use that information to budget your review time more effectively.

Track your reviews over time with the Weekly Review Logs

So how did your Weekly Review feel? Probably great!

More eProductivity tips coming up...