eProductivity Stand-alone Lets Users Personalize Their IBM Lotus Notes® Experience, Making Lotus Notes Likeable

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eProductivity Stand-alone Lets Users Personalize Their IBM Lotus Notes® Experience, Making Lotus Notes Likeable

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 19, 2011 –
eProductivity (www.eproductivity.com) announced today the launch of its new eProductivity Stand-alone app for IBM Lotus Notes users.

Like other eProductivity apps, eProductivity Stand-alone helps Lotus Notes users stay successful while managing the flood of information – emails, IMs, voicemails, etc - they have to deal with every day. Corporate email usage continues to rise, so having the right tools to manage this flood is imperative. eProductivity brings world-class, GTD® Enabled information management tools to the IBM Lotus Notes experience.  

In a January 2011 eProductivity user survey with over 400 respondents, only 31% reported satisfaction with standard Lotus Notes. After those same users personalized their Lotus Notes with eProductivity, satisfaction with Lotus Notes skyrocketed to over 90%.

Empowering end-users to personalize their IBM Lotus Notes has been unheard of, until now. What makes the new eProductivity Stand-alone app unique is that end-users of Lotus Notes can install it in just a couple of clicks without needing IT support. eProductivity Stand-alone doesn’t alter the standard Lotus Notes mail template, and there’s a free version available called Stand-alone Essentials, so users can get started quickly and easily with no risk.

“The eProductivity Stand-alone app redefines how users engage with Lotus Notes,” stated Eric Mack, CEO of ICA, the makers of eProductivity. “It’s as easy to install as an app for your BlackBerry or iPhone. For the first time, users can personalize their Lotus Notes to work the way they want to work.”

Successful people at over 1000 organizations around the world use eProductivity to better manage their information and get more done. In the same January 2011 survey, 90% of users reported that eProductivity saves them time every day and 72% of those people reported daily savings of 30 minutes or more.

“eProductivity is helping busy professionals stay successful and save a lot of time in the process,” said Mack. “The new eProductivity Stand-alone app allows every Lotus Notes user to download, install, and benefit from eProductivity today.”

eProductivity, GTD®, and Lotus Notes

eProductivity is personally used and recommended by David Allen, creator of the renowned Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology and widely recognized as the world’s leading authority on personal and organizational productivity. (www.davidco.com)

“I use eProductivity and Lotus Notes to manage all of my projects and actions. They're indispensable to the way I get things done,” said David Allen. “eProductivity is the ultimate GTD implementation tool for Lotus Notes.”

eProductivity has received the special designation of ‘GTD® Enabled’. It is the only application for IBM Lotus software to carry this distinction.

About ICA.COM, Inc.

ICA (www.ica.com) is a professional consulting organization based in California, USA. It was founded in 1982 by Productivity Specialist and Personal Knowledge Management Expert, Eric Mack. The company provides consulting services and software to help its clients improve their productivity, collaboration and knowledge management capability.

ICA is the creator of eProductivity. For additional information, visit www.eproductivity.com

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Updated: 05/19/2011

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