In just the last 5 years, consider how much the sheer volume of information coming at your employees has increased: email, voicemail, instant messages, meetings, virtual meetings, deadlines, projects, and, perhaps, corporate social networking.

Lotus Notes user satisfaction with email and tasks in comparison to using eProductivity for email and tasks

Have the tools that you equip your people with evolved to help them manage all this day-to-day influx of information, as effectively as they possibly can? Does your Lotus Notes email and task management software do everything it could to help your employees most effectively manage their communications, information and priorities? Does it promote proven best practice principles, or is it just email and task management software? Do your people even like the Lotus Notes email and task management software that your organization provides – do you?

We surveyed nearly 500 eProductivity users. An astonishing 70% reported that they were not satisfied with their standard Lotus Notes email and task management software. After adding eProductivity to their Lotus Notes, over 90% of those same respondents reported that they were satisfied with their email and task management software. The bottom line: eProductivity enhances Lotus Notes.

Business leaders, human resource managers, IT professionals and individuals who want to help their colleagues more effectively manage information overwhelm are adopting eProductivity software and the proven best practices of David Allen's Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology for stress-free productivity.

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We've been using eProductivity since early 2004 and in that time, it's had a strong impact on our company and employees. With almost 100 people at our company using eProductivity; it would be hard to imagine working without it.

- Scott Peterson, President, Harbor Group

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