Value Analysis

The value of using eProductivity is that each user will be enabled to streamline their personal daily interaction with Lotus Notes email and tasks. The software supplies a comprehensive personal system that increases their efficiency as well as their effectivenes. It begins with handling information inputs like emails. It then provides tools for classifying these inputs into actionable and non-actionable buckets. Most importantly, eProductivity is very easy to use because of the intuitive navigation for reviewing and progressing actionable items until they are complete.

How easy is it to get your email
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eProductivity makes it easy to get your email inbox to empty

How should an enterprise capture the benefits and calculate the savings that result from using technology that streamlines personal productivity? How should these savings and benefits be aggregated for their positive impact?

By performing a value analysis - and including the feedback from successful eProductivity experiences - you can quickly determine how this software meets your investment criteria. It typically includes a summary of the most notable pain points that are identified by the users and the most remarkable advantages that result from using the eProductivity product versus the regular version of Lotus Notes.

Most enterprises consider buying both the eProductivity software and the training to bring users on board and up to speed quickly.

Considerations for a Value Analysis

A value analysis highlights the gains expected in personal productivity.

Calculate the Benefits -eProductivity saves users time each day. That reclaimed time for each user thus becomes available for getting things done in other areas.

Articulate the Value – eProductivity helps each user manage their own key projects and not let important details slip through the cracks. It provides a big-picture perspective over the user’s commitments, so they can get thing done more efficiently.

Aggregate the Impact – eProductivity provides a standard interface (template or “face”) for consistent “best practices” for users of Lotus Notes. It becomes the way your enterprise can supply the discipline for getting things done more effectively.

The result of using eProductivity will be thousands of faster and better decisions made each hour throughout the enterprise. Based on the common thread of encouraging decisive behavior built into eProductivity, every person can immediately be proactive about their email and tasks and determine whether to “just do it” now, drag it, drop it, defer it, or delegate it - and let eProductivity do the rest for you.

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