In addition to the eProductivity training shown in the Resource Center, we offer customizable educational services to best accommodate your training needs and budgetary requirements. With most other training programs, the lessons of those programs are often lost or forgotten within a matter of days. With our unique approach the user’s new productivity behaviors are reinforced, simply and often even “after” the training program is completed.

How likely are our users to
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The key reason is that eProductivity capabilities and eProductivity education are intertwined. This is very valuable because your people become inspired users and look forward to helping their colleagues on how manage information overwhelm and make better decisions. Why? Because eProductivity software is ever-present in the software that your employees already know and use daily to manage their communication and their task lists: IBM Lotus Notes.

When your organization invests in eProductivity software and educational services, you are investing in tools and training that are far more effective in making a sustained improvement than traditional one or multi-day training seminars.

We offer our enterprise clients discounts from 20% to 100% on our Jumpstart Webinar, when you purchase five or more eProductivity licenses. Our enterprise pricing page provides specific information about our 5-user and 20-user group licensing options.

For more information on a comprehensive, customized eProductivity education and software implementation plan for your organization, please contact our enterprise team.

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