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eProductivity Templates

eProductivity templates have two purposes:

  • Used to install eProductivity Integrated for the first time
  • Used to update an existing eProductivity Integrated app, eProductivity Stand-alone app, or eProductivity Reference app to the latest version

Review the System Requirements before applying a template to your Lotus Notes Mail file.

Use the Install Guides for step-by-step instructions on applying a template to eProductivity Integrated, eProductivity Stand-alone, or eProductivity Reference. The process is the same for all products.

Free 21-day Trial

Your eProductivity Integrated software will run in free Trial Mode for the first 21 days. During that time, you can experience the full range of eProductivity's world-class information management features.

After 21 days, you can purchase an activation key to continue using eProductivity, or you can uninstall without losing any of your Lotus Notes information.

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  • Mail: version retrieving...
  • Reference: version retrieving...
  • Mail: version retrieving...
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  • Mail: version retrieving...
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Download now! tooltipThere are two different eProductivity templates available for download - Mail and Reference.

Mail: This is the primary eProductivity template. It's applied to your live Lotus Notes mail file

Reference: This is a free eProductivity template that enables you to create an eProductivity Reference Database. It can be used store your reference materials

Learn more about eProductivity Mail
Learn more about Reference

Download eProductivity Mail Download eProductivity Reference

So what's next?

  1. Apply eProductivity Mail and/or Reference to your Lotus Notes: Installation Guides
    Deploy eProductivity Mail and/or Reference at your company: Installation Guides
  2. Enjoy being more productive with Lotus Notes!

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