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I've been using Lotus Notes for 15 years+ to manage my information and communication. I love Notes! In fact, I couldn't run my business without it.

With eProductivity for Lotus Notes, Eric Mack and the team at ICA have given me the ultimate Getting Things Done implementation tool to help me manage all of my projects and actions. eProductivity fits neatly inside of Notes, allowing for a very rich and expandable method of managing and coordinating huge amounts of information.

Three things about using eProductivity that I think are really powerful and that are helping me and other folks to be more productive with Lotus Notes:

First of all, eProductivity lets me quickly get things into Notes, into the system I can trust. Dumping even the smallest stuff into my trusted system is my powerhouse management technique, but I need a way to be able to get things into my system informally that prevents me from saying, “wait a minute, that's too much trouble to capture so I will keep it in my head”. I need my tool for capturing stuff to be instantly available and accessible. I need to be able to get stuff into Lotus Notes and not lose it even when Notes is not running. eProductivity lets me do just those things. That's a critical factor.

Secondly, eProductivity, gives me the ability to have both perspective and control, in other words, I can review all of my projects and actions and commitments across all the different horizons of my focus of those commitments, at any point in time. Using this digital tool, I have a coordinated eProductivity radar that can see through the whole of everything I'm doing and down into any horizon that I want.

Thirdly, eProductivity gives me pretty much every tool that I need inside of Lotus Notes; it's my interface -- it doesn't really get in my way -- but it gives me options and availability in a very informal and fast way. It’s critical for me that I can input stuff and then pull it back whenever I need to see it, but not as some big conglomeration of stuff -- I need to see it already appropriately organized in a simple but seamless way that is integrated within my workflow. If I want to be able to see any project I've committed to and whether or not I have an action step about it yet, this system lets me know that. If I decide on an action I need to take, it prompts me, "is there something bigger I need to track about this?” So, down on an operational level when I’m faced with the key kinds of next step and commitment outcome decisions I need to make as I'm moving through my day, the software itself supports instead of getting in the way. That's a major key and nothing else really does that.

The eProductivity system has made using Lotus Notes really easy and transformed my productivity. It has done this same thing for other people who have implemented GTD methodology and integrated this tool into their systems as well.

Anyway, bottom line: I highly recommend that what Eric Mack and the eProductivity team have developed. In conjunction with the best practice methodology of Getting Things Done - there's nothing better! I use it, and I would hate it if somebody took it away from me right now. It's a have-to-have and I can't imagine that anybody who really gets what GTD is all about, would not want to use eProductivity, the most elegant tool to implement it.

I use eProductivity and Lotus Notes to manage all of my projects and actions. They're indispensable to the way I get things done.

eProductivity is the ultimate GTD implementation tool for Lotus Notes!

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