For Customers: A Guide to eProductivity Changes

April 27, 2011

We're excited to share with you the new changes and improvements around eProductivity! This webpage will guide you in getting up to speed with these changes and provide info on any action you need to take.

Recap: What's New

  • This website. As you can see, our website has changed quite a bit. We encourage you to explore the site and check out the improvements.
  • The eProductivity Stand-alone app. This app lets you run eProductivity in parallel to your regular Lotus Notes mailbox.
  • Free eProductivity Essentials Edition. This free edition provides a great way for your friends and co-workers to start experiencing the benefits eProductivity.
  • New naming of the eProductivity editions. For details, take a look at the comparison chart.
  • Due to the naming changes, all customers who purchased before April 27, 2011 are entitled to receive a free upgrade. Details below.
  • Price changes on new eProductivity subscriptions. Details below.
  • An eProductivity software update that includes a number of improvements and fixes. Details below.

Do I need to change my current eProductivity setup?

No, not right away. If you're happy with your current setup, you can just continue using it as is.

When you're ready to use the new version of eProductivity, follow the steps below. It's important that you do the following items in the right sequence, so please read all the information carefully.

1. First, download and apply the latest eProductivity software update. This update includes a number of enhancements, and also lets you use the new eProductivity editions. You can download the update here.

2. Second, request a new activation key from eProductivity Service. Due to the changes, all current eProductivity customers who purchased before April 27, 2011 are entitled to a free edition upgrade. This means that you will be issued a new eProductivity activation key that entitles you to an equal or greater feature set than what your current edition enables.

To request your free upgrade:
Please email eProductivity Service and put "Free Edition Upgrade" in the subject. We will send you a new key and provide further details.

Note: For the smoothest transition, it's important that you install the new eProductivity software first and then closely follow that by applying your new key. Otherwise, you may experience one of the following two issues:

  • Your software displays an error when applying a new eProductivity key: This means that your software hasn't been updated, so it doesn't know how to apply the new key.
  • You are locked out of using certain eProductivity features: If you haven't applied your new, upgraded key yet, this could occur. The solution is to apply the new key to unlock the feature set that you have purchased.

How do the new subscription prices affect me?

It depends on your current eProductivity edition. We're providing current subscribers with a free edition upgrade. In most cases that will give you comparable or greater value. Further details will be provided when you request your free upgrade.

Contact eProductivity Service to request your free upgrade

What should I know about eProductivity Integrated?

To distinguish from the new eProductivity Stand-alone app, our original eProductivity app is now called "eProductivity Integrated". This is the eProductivity app that is applied to your regular Lotus Notes mailbox, and is the eProductivity app that you're probably using right now. So there's nothing you need to do beyond being aware of the new naming.

Can you help us spread the word?

We'd appreciate your help in getting the word out about all the new changes and improvements at eProductivity.

You could help us out in any of the following ways, or any other creative ideas you might have!

  1. Tweet about our May Newsletter (please use the #eProductivity hashtag too)
  2. Like the eProductivity page on Facebook
  3. Have a blog? Why not let your readers know about the free eProductivity Essentials edition
  4. Email one or two coworkers who can benefit from world-class information management tools
  5. Have a company intranet or social network? You could mention eProductivity...

Thanks for your continued support of eProductivity!

Questions or Comments?

While we've made these changes based on customer feedback, we know you may have some questions or comments. Let us know by emailing eProductivity Service and we'll respond as soon as possible.

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